Yet another doctor…

Happy Wednesday Reader’s!

One boy working, one boy watching.

One boy working, one boy watching.

Yesterday was a busy day. I had two morning conference calls, worked on a financial plan, did some trading and got cleaned up and ready for my doctor’s appointment. My Man worked from home and around 1pm we went to pick up The Boy from school. We knew there was no way we would be back from my appointment, which was at 2:30pm, to pick him up at the bus stop (2:55pm). So we brought him with us.

My appointment was at Emory’s campus location in Decatur at the Winship location. We all met with Dr. Higgins and she was very nice. More on the Dr. Read end of the spectrum then Dr. Pickens. She explained why it would be a good idea to have radiation and the possible side effects. I ended up getting blood drawn there and on Friday I must have yet another CT scan to map out where they will zap me. Then I have a chest X-ray and a follow-up appointment with Dr.Pickens. Looks like I will be spending all day at the hospital. I will be starting my radiation on December 3rd and will have it everyday (give or take a few), five days a week for about five or six weeks. The actual time it will take from when I get to the hospital, check in, get zapped and leave will be around 20 minutes. Less time then it will take me to get to the hospital from my house! She did tell me that they will pay for my car to be valet parked. Should I ask for money for gas?

I wasn’t feeling all that great when we left. Not sure if it is getting off of the pain med’s, being tired, being tired of all this bullshit, the idea of driving five days a week to get zapped or all of it combined. On our way home we stopped to eat dinner and then came home. I went to bed before 10pm and woke up to My Man snoring. I couldn’t fall back asleep since My Man would not stop snoring, so I went in and got in bed with The Boy. He moved over and then used me as a pillow. The Boy likes to wrap his whole body around his pillow! I finally fell back to sleep and the next thing I knew My Man was waking us up. We had overslept a bit but we were able to get up and ready for school in time.

Will they ever get along?

Will they ever get along?

Thanksgiving is almost a week away. What are your plans? Going out-of-town? Having friends and family over to your home? Let us know!

2 thoughts on “Yet another doctor…

  1. Going to the beach for Thanksgiving, seeing my family, relaxing for a week, just having fun. You are on the down slide heading for a touchdown, you are amazing. Keep drumming! Timber and Simon at least have gotten into the same room, I think it confuses Timber when Simon hisses. Pannie of course is a flirt and Timber loves the flirtation. Love you lots, lots,lots Momee.

  2. Quiet day here in the D… I have a small turkey breast to cook…with some stuffing…and gravy…then I can have leftovers :) which are the best part.

    Indeed the worst part of the rads is the travel time…but before you know it you will be done…this is the last leg of the journey…

    I was surprised to see Simon and Timber so close…

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