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Usually on Friday’s I am at the club (my gym) by 7:15am. I work out with SK (trainer) from 7:30am to 8:30am. I then have breakfast at the cafe, read a little and talk to my yoga friends when they come in before class. We all then head up to the Yoga studio for the 10am class. Well, SK is still out for the week, so no morning workout. I slept in a bit, got the boys off to camp/work and then headed into the office do to payroll, pay bills, etc. I then hit the bank and drove to the club.

I have been taking Yoga classes at the club now for over six months. I am now at the point where you don’t have to use a spatula to scrape me off the floor at the end of class. I still have a hard time “clearing my mind”, can’t pronounce 99% of the poses but have gotten much better at my breathing. Now, apparently I am not the only one who can’t say all the sand script yoga poses. Some genius came up with American versions. You know- “downward dog, upward dog, cat/cow, childs pose”. I can see why they named them what they did. But I have an issue with one and it happens to be one of my favorite poses even though I can barely move my legs when I am done (my teacher says that’s how you know you are doing it right). It is the Pigeon Pose. Now, I don’t spend a lot of times with Pigeons. Chickens Yes. Pigeons No. But that pose looks NOTHING like a Pigeon. Nothing. Am I right?

Bird Pigeon

Bird Pigeon


Pigeon pose

Pigeon pose


Questions: What other names make no sense? What is your favorite pose?

PS- Those pictures are not mine which is why I included the links to the webpages I got them from. Heaven knows I don’t want any pissed off pigeons coming after me.

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