Happy Weekend!

Weekend Update…Part #1

The Boy Rockin' out with his new guitar.

The Boy Rockin’ out with his new guitar.

Friday was The Boy’s 8th Birthday. We woke him up by running into his room and jumping on top of him. He loves it as much as I love doing it. It was them time to open his gifts. He got an electric guitar, stand, strap and a tin full of picks.


He also got a pair of Skull Candy headphones. Shout out to Adam!!! Thank you! He loves them and was wearing them all day around the house. No, not listening to music, just wearing them.


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

We did some running around in the morning, had to got to the store to load up on food for the weekend and also to the bank to close on our HELOC. Then Aidan’s friends Corey & Summer came over for some pool time. Later their mom, Rebecca, came over and my personal bartender, My Man, made us some YUMMY drinks!


Here are a few pictures from today. I have more on my “real” camera, my Nikon, that I will post soon.




It got chilly!

It got chilly!



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