Good Day today!


Today I made myself two small salads for lunch. When I say “made myself” I only made one of them. The other I transferred from the container to a bowl.  The first was left over from last night that my friends Dona brought over. It came from Hearth in Sandy Springs. It had arugula, blue berries, peaches,  almonds and parm cheese with a vinaigrette. Very Yummy! Thanks Dona! I had never had that salad from there before but will add it to my list!

The one I made had heirloom cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mozz cheese with salt, EVOO and a balsamic glaze. The cool thing (for me) about this salad, is that I grew the tomatoes and cucumber! Woot! Yep! Finally getting some goods from the garden.

Go out and get some!

Go out and get some!

I used the a balsamic glaze from Trader Joes that my friends Rebecca and Amy told me about. I had no idea they had such a thing! I love it and have used it many times since. Only issue: I tend to use to much!

Hair Update: Still Got It!

Later in the day…

Timber and I spent some time with the Girls. It was nice a sunny out and they were able to get some good scratching done. I threw the ball to Timber a bit and pulled a couple of weeds in the garden. The rain and the cancer clusterf*&k has taken a toll on my poor garden. It is doing ok but I have such high hopes this summer!

I did not do much “work” today. Tomorrow I have a conf. call, so maybe I can get a bit of work done. Going to try the yoga later tonight.


While my parents were in town watching The Boy, they made a few soups for me from the book I got from my friends Chad and Kristen.



Tonight I had the Brocoli and Potato soup. It was really good!  Way to go Mom and Dad!! I also had some grapes and a little gluten-free parmesan risotto I made. My tummy is happy.

My Man is still giving me my shots in the tummy. I may have to get up to 10 of them. However, if my back starts hurting I am to stop! My Man can’t wait till my back starts to hurt.

Today’s Shout Outs!

Jaime- Love the shirt! Love the goodies and the Yummy oil! (I just smelled my wrist)

Tia- Thank you for the lovely scarf!

Carol- Love the card and thank you for B&N gift card!!

Alison- Love the scarf and Blue Monkey! I will do my best to make sure he doesn’t end up like Timber’s Blue Monkey


Thanks for reading.  I’m out!

6 thoughts on “Good Day today!

  1. Love Trader Joe’s and can’t wait to try the Balsalmic Glaze. Thanks for the tip! Hey you are doing so well and happy happy that the hair is still there. From what I have read, it does not always say bye bye. You and “Your Man” are such troupers and Aiden–wow, I am so impressed with how you all are handling this. Keep getting better.

  2. Sounds as though you had a really good day, Shay! I am going to go buy buy some of the Balsamic Glaze. Sounds delicious! Think about you tons. Sending lots of positive thoughts and love your way.

  3. Sound good shay shay. I know that the girls were happy to get out. Talk to you tomorrow. Glad that your hair is sticking around love you lots

  4. Well tjs is going to have to start paying you a fee. I’m going to go but this glaze you speak of! The salad from Hearth was actually the special. Glad you liked it.
    Wow, can’t believe you are up and pulling weeds and making conference calls. You make the rest of us look like lazy a&$es. So happy the hair is there and that you are doing so well.

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