It’s Saturday!

We are having a great day today. My Boy was asked on a date today by my assistant’s daughter, Stephanie. She picked him at noon and they went to Sky Zone. He had a great time. Like I have said before, being an only child is cool but being with parents all the time can get old. We are lucky to have such good friends who like our son! He is pretty cool.

While he was gone, I did some “work” work, did laundry (we have so much of it) cleaned out the chicken coop, played ball with Timber and then went to Fresh Market with My Man. We bought items for tonight’s and tomorrow’s dinner.


Last night me and my boys went out to dinner at C&S Seafood. So YUMMY!!! My Man and I    started with a cocktail. We then split the Wedge Salad (I had them give my bacon to My Man) and a Shrimp and Goat Cheese Beignets. The beignets were so soft and lovely. Perfect for me. We then ordered the Plateaux de Fruits De Mer. It included 12 oysters, 4 shrimp and a pound of king carb legs. OMG! It was soooo good. I have always wanted to order the Plateaux de Fruits De Mer and I am so glad we did. It was wonderful night out.


Tired out a new scarf yesterday. Thanks again Sue!!


Shout Out to my Mom and Dad. Look what I got in the mail!! The toothpaste is sooo smooth on my gums, it feels like heaven. The gel, spray and liquid all work wonderful too. Thanks Mom and Dad!


This is my a view of my home office where I have been working on “work” from home and on the blog. On Thursday, I thought I had lost my Mac. We had icky weather and the power flickered and boom! Mac dead! I was horrified! NOT MY MAC! On the laptop I started IM-ing My Man. He was not happy. I tried restarting it over and over again. I unplugged it. I plugged it in a different outlet. Nothing. I had to go to the store and when I got back I thought I would try to start it again. Bingo! It started. I guess it just needed to rest.


My work companion, he is never far away. Sometimes we are joined by Panny too. When Simon joins me, he usually sits on top of me or one of the key boards.

Whatcha Reading?

At the moment, I am not reading anything. Sometimes, I am just not in the mood read. Not sure why that is.  However, I am listening to a new series via Audible Books.  It is called the White Trash Zombies Series.  Zombies, I know right? Crazy Me.

So far there are three books in the series and I am now listening to the third one. I really like the books. They take place in a small town in Louisiana. The narrator, Allison McLemore, does a great good with the accent. A bad narrator can totally ruin a book. I have returned books just because of the narrator. The main character is named Angle she is a white trash, high school dropout and addicted to drugs and alcohol when she is turned into a zombie. I really like her character. Being turned into a zombie is the best thing that happens to her. There are cringe worthy gross parts and being white trash and all, cursing but it is a fun series! Check it out!

Hope y’all are having as good as day as I am!  Be Good!!

Question: What are you reading/listening too? I need some suggestions!

5 thoughts on “It’s Saturday!

  1. I am reading Witch’s Bell book 1 by Odette Bell. I am only a 1/4 into the book, I can recommend My familiar Stranger By Victoria Danann. It is free on e-readers. If you like fantasy & Paranormal you will love this book it is so well written. It does not come in Audio.
    If you are on Goodreads I have reviewed this & about 20 other books this year. I also just finished Moonlight by Lisa Kessler. It is a book about shape shifters. It was very well written also. I am a fan of both of these authors. Hope this helps you. Love the scarf!! Message me your address & I will send a care package!

  2. Thank you for cleaning out the chicken yard not favorite thing glad the toothpaste works if you need more let me know. Sounds like a great day and glad aidan had a good time. Have fun tomorrow.

  3. Kathleen and I just listened to Artemis Fowl on our way down to Florida. Not sure if an audible satisfies her summer reading but what the heck! It is a fantasy about a 12 year old genius boy who kidnaped a fairy to get ransoms gold. It was a great book. You should get it to listen to with A.

  4. Listen to Valerie June. Saw her do a solo acoustic blues number on Jools Holland as I was flipping through. Blew me head off!

  5. Currently reading “The Kill Room” by Jeffrey Deaver..the latest in his Lincoln Rhyme series. Before that it was Catherine Coulter’s “Bombshell”, and Steve Hamilton’s latest, “Let it Burn”. His books range from meh to really good, but they take place in the UP, so I find them interesting…and he does travel around the state a bit.

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