So I got this diaper box in the mail…

Yesterday I got a diaper box in the mail that was so heavy, I knew it couldn’t be full of diapers. Plus, who would send me diapers? I looked at the return address and saw it was from NJ and knew it was from my friend Jill G. I have known Jill since I was born. Her mom and my mom have been friends since like the 1st grade and we would see each other every Christmas. Me and The Boy brought the box in the kitchen to open it up. Let me first say, that The Boy is more excited than I am (and I am pretty excited) whenever we get a package in the mail. He can’t wait to rip into them. He thinks that what ever is in them, we all get to share it. The first thing he saw was all retro candies Jill sent. He loved those!

A sample of candies

A sample of candies

Candy cigarettes, got them. Pop Rocks? Got them. Black Jack Gum? Got them. She also sent me three bottles of wine (god knows I need those), two cute t-shirts, hand lotion, bath items, lot of scarves and more. One of the coolest things she sent me were scarf hangers! Who knew they had such a thing!

Scarf Hanger

Scarf Hanger


I can’t begin to tell you how much these help me out! You should have seen my closet. I had scarves everywhere and now they are all in one place nice and neat. Thank You Jill!!! You Rock!


This past weekend I planted some daffodil bulbs. My bodyguard came out with me and I took this picture of him. Of course he brought his partner, Piggy.



The third landscape company is coming to check out the yard this morning. We got two quotes back and are going back to each company with some changes we would like. We are also having a fence company come out on Friday to give us a quote on a new fence.

People have asked for an interview with Timber. He has agreed and we are working on it! Don’t forget to leave comments on Saturday, Sunday and Monday’s posts. The boy will pick the winners of the Hotel Yorba Key Chains Wednesday morning.

10 thoughts on “So I got this diaper box in the mail…

  1. Now that’s what friends are for! Cheer you up (surprise gift), reminisce about the goog ‘ol days (nostalgic candies), help you look good (scarves & t-shirts), make you feel good (lotion & bath items), assist in cleaning up whatever mess you’ve made (scarf hangers) and then get you drunk!! True friend through and through :) Care to share the wine? Well, I mean at least tell what kind she sent you? As a wine lover myself, I like hearing what others have tried. I probably won’t be able to find it up here, but will have a look when I head to the USA.

  2. I haven’t seen teaberry like forever. Love Black Jack and clove gum,Aunt Doras always had some when we went to the movies. That was very nice of Jill. I am looking forward to Timber’s interview. Zumba was great not the grocery shopping afterwards, waste of money. Andy is not allowed to have all the gum. Keep the drummer going loud. Love you lots Momee.

    • Lol! So glad it arrived and my awesome hubby remembered to put a return address! I was in S.C. and remembered I forgot to mail your box! Hubby taped it up and shipped it but totally forgot the “other goodies” & card I had sitting with it…Oh well. You knew who it was from and I guess that means another box in the near future!
      I couldn’t pass up all the retro candies. Every time I see those things I think of us at your grandma’s house! I swear I hunted for one of those crazy electric stir “thingies” we used to mix our drinks with.
      If I find one, it will be in the next box!
      So much love to you….
      Oh and let me know if you need more scarf hangers. ;)

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