One more week…

Good Morning!

Love is in the air!

Love is in the air!

I hope everyone is doing well on this Thursday morning . Things are good here but I am little tired. Yesterday I went into the office to do some work. I have been working from home and it has been working out pretty well. Except for one thing. My printer at home will not talk to my laptop, so I can’t print anything. I had applications I needed to print out and send to clients, so Timber and I headed off to work. Have I every mentioned how much Timber likes to ride in the car? He loves it! We were at the office for about 3 hours. We took one break for a walk around the office complex. I think that was his favorite part. A little after noon we headed back home. I needed to eat something and I could tell I was getting tired.

The tired feeling lasted for a few hours. Luckily I got a boost of energy and got a few chores done but I was asleep by 9:30pm. Waking up this morning was hard and when the boys left at 7am, I crawled back in bed for 30 min. Don’t know what’s up with me. I haven’t felt this way in the past 2 weeks.

Sick Mac

We heard that the Mac we brought in to get looked at, is pretty much dead. Poor thing was struck by lighting and it fried the logic board. Thankfully the hard drive is ok and all my pictures and music is safe! Timber and I are going to head over there today and pick it up.

Labor Day

Reader’s! What are your Labor Day plans? Day at the beach? Lake? A cookout? Our friends, Andy and Dee, who are also The Boy’s Godparents, are coming down from Kentucky for the long weekend. We will be hanging out by the pool (I hope), eating food, listening to music (Andy has already requested a playlist), laughing and having a great time. It will be a nice end to a crazy summer. That being said, there is a lot of cleaning to be done. My Man took care of some of it yesterday but we have a lot more to do. Going to have to get out my vacuum!

One More Week

I have one more week before I head back into the hospital for round 3 of chemo. Each time I think of what I can do to make my visit better. Last time we found out about a refrigerator that they have on the floor that I can use to store food. Also, there is a microwave in the waiting area I can use.  So, this time I have going to have food brought in for me to eat. I can’t take much more hospital food and this will healthier.

Shout Outs!

Sandy F.- Thank you for the yummy preserves!

Tara E.- Thank you for the gift card! My Man and I can’t wait to use it!

Tell me your plans for the long weekend. Making anything special?


7 thoughts on “One more week…

  1. I was tired this morning too and the only excuse I have is a teething 10 month old! ;)
    We are spending the long weekend cleaning out the garage (fun. Huh?)
    Half of mom and dad’s stuff came home to us last week and we can’t walk through the garage right now! With Ivan’s crazy commute, chaos running with kids activities (& back to school stuff) -there just isn’t time for big projects.. So, we’ve given up our “holiday” for work. Heck it’s Labor Day right? Might as well labor. ;)

  2. I was tired too, but made myself go to the gym! No kids this weekend so Alan and I have some plans with friends and are still figuring things out.,. Hoping for good weather. Are we going to the art opening?

  3. Please take time to rest. That being said I know you are looking forward to seeing Dee and Andy and doing some swimming remember to keep your head covered while swimming and use sun screen. I know that you know that but I am your Mother with certain rules that carry on even if you are older. Have a great evening, love you lots Momee. Does your cook book have any more cold soups besides the cucumber avocado soup?

  4. No plans for me. Have four days since I no longer work Friday’s. next Saturday is hazardous waste roundup, so I will probably go through the garage and house and pull that kind of stuff to drop off next week. Maybe go through my closets and dressers… Maybe not. Definitely keep your head covered while swimming. That sensitive skin will burn in a New York minute. I also know that you know, and I don’t have mom rights..but…I know how sensitive it is. I know you will have fun with Dee and Andy..

  5. Can’t wait to spend time with you all. Andy is going to make veggie enchiladas for us one night. I am sure he would make Chicken Piccata for us also :). See you soon.

    • Have a very fun, relaxing weekend with my brother and Dee! Hope the weather is nice for you all.
      We are in Harbor Springs for the long weekend. It is very hot and humid here so far( Thursday) . Some of the small trees are starting to change color! By Tuesday it will be a quiet town again, with all summer residents and tourists gone.
      Thinking of you, sending good thoughts your way ! GO, FIGHT, WIN!!!

      Take Care!

      Tracy “B” :-)

  6. Tired?…me too…but time is at a premium these days. I know I’m supposed to rest but there’ll be plenty of time for that soon enough. Looks like the long weekend is going to sunny and beautiful up here in the northwest. I probably should be coordinating my families schedules and figuring out how much school fees will be for my 2 teenagers. Lockers, text books, grad fees, hockey academy…ugg! Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like much fun for the last long weekend of the summer! Maybe I’ll just go to the beach:) Now here’s the dilemma…ocean or lake?

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