Who gives a flying chimpanzee

Hey Reader’s!

How are you this morning? I am up and trying to stay that way. I did not go back for a nap after I got The Boy off to school like I have been. I was restless and had a list of things in my head that need to me done , like RIGHT NOW. You ever get that way? I did a little yin yoga to try to stretch out. I need to do more that is for sure. Laying in a bed for five days does not help up you stretch out. Later, I got cleaned up and had some peanut butter and toast for breakfast. I then had some coffee. Yummy.

Question: When can you start decorating for Fall/Halloween?

My Dad and The Boy started cleaning out our third garage and they found lots of our Fall/Halloween decorations and I am wondering why wait? Is it ok to put out the more fall items and wait a bit for the witches and zombies? Or do we become one of those people and put it all out now? It isn’t like many people will see it up here on the hill. What to do…

Question: Do I go ahead and break down and buy a Halloween zombie toy for Timber? It is on sale and free shipping. I am going to buy more balls for him too (he losses them at a high rate) and some catnip mice to replace the ones Timber ate for the cats. Do I break down and just buy it? Holiday themed chew toys? No costumes I promise.

Is there a time in your like were you just say f-it? I don’t care what people say and just do what you want? I have hit these times before and seem to be hitting them more and more. Is it age? Or life events? For me, it has been due to life events. When I was first diagnosed with cancer back in 2002 my husband and I made a pack that we were going to do things we wanted to do instead of wait till later ( who knew how long either of us had). We were fans on the original IRON CHEF, the japanese version and found out the Chef Japan Iron Chef Morimoto had just opened his first restaurant in the USA in Philadelphia. We booked reservations 3 months in advanced and flew there just to eat there! It was a 5 hours dinner and we got to meet and get out picture with him. So Cool!!! It was the best meal we had ever had and so much fun. It was also the first time we stayed at a Ritz Carlton, thank you Travelocity!

No matter how big, a trip to a restaurant or small, zombie chew toy for the dog, just do it. Who gives a flying chimpanzee???

Go be wonderful Readers!!!

9 thoughts on “Who gives a flying chimpanzee

  1. OMG! Yes yes yes! Who give a flying chimpanzee you got it sister. YOLO right? Do it for sure. We as a society need to worry less about what others think. Do what makes you happy

  2. Oh heck…do it all…Fall / halloween deco? Put those witches up, girl. Zombie chew toy all the way! For me it was my first tattoo and the road trip to the Canyon! There is no guarantee tomorrow will come…for any of us. It is just that some of us realize that more than others. You go girl! Keep on being an inspiration to all of us…will be looking forward to a picture of TW with his zombie chew toy.

  3. So have you done it? Come on Shannon you have always marched to the drummer in your head so MARCH and who cares if it is appropriate. If it is appropriate for you and your guys JUST DO IT! Remember that I taught you not to conform to the world out side. Have a great time with Trent but don’t work him to hard moving the chicken coop. Enjoy this evening. Love you lots, Momee

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