Cancer is a Full Time Job…

Good Morning Readers!


Sorry I missed yesterday. I had a pretty busy day yesterday. First Timber had to be taken to the Spa for his “fluff -n- buff”. The poor boy is shedding everywhere. While he was enjoying his day of beauty, I went to Target to grab a few things. One of those things was a Fall wreath for the front porch. I had been wanting to buy it for a week or so and it finally went on sale. Woot! Woot!

New wreath!

New wreath!

When we got home Timber’s new Zombie toy had come in the mail. It was much smaller than I thought it would be. She was a super cute zombie and squeaked! Timber was in love!

New Friend!

New Friend!

And then three minutes later, she was missing her left eye. Ok, so maybe she was too small for my big boy. I fear by the end of today she will in shreds.

Three Minutes Later...

Three Minutes Later…

Luckily we got our Bark Box yesterday too.

What is inside?!

What is inside?!

Have you ever wondered who clicked on the add’s in your FB news feed? Well, now you know one! I clicked on the Bark Box add about three months ago right after we adopted Timber. It included a coupon and I thought what the heck. I figured that if I knew there would be a goodie box for Timber coming each month, it would keep me from buying him toys and treats. For the most part, it has worked. We have had bought more balls for him. Timber loves to play ball…a lot. ¬†We have lost a few over the fence and he ripped one apart. Plus to play ball with him you need at least two balls at a time.

We signed up for the extra-large dog box. Timber is a big boy! Each month you received a box with some kind of toy and three to four types of healthy treats. So far he had liked most of the treats and toys. Last month he got a toy shark that could float and be thrown.

Did not pass the Timber test

Did not pass the Timber test

Timber has not played with it once. Not sure why. Whenever I have thrown it to him, he would just look at it fall and walk away.




I think this month toy’s looks as though it will last at least a week.


I have been up and in the office since 4:30am. I think I see my self crashing soon. Have a wonderful day Readers!!

3 thoughts on “Cancer is a Full Time Job…

  1. Wow you were up way before me. I think that Timber’s elf needs to consider balls, maybe they come in a twelve packet. Heading to the beach. Love you lots Momee

  2. Love the turtle toy. Does Timber play frisbee? I suppose by this writing the zombie toy is well. … A zombie. Once they get at the innards it’s usually all over.

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