Rain, Rain, Go Away….

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Coop/Run Foundation

Coop/Run Foundation

Stairs are done!

Stairs are done!


Below is a great story on how important it is to have a good foundation of family and friends surronding you when you have cancer (or any illness for that matter). I can’t begin to tell you how much my My Man and all of my friends and family have helped me. I couldn’t have gotten through all this without them.


Whatcha Reading?

I finished up The Wife by Meg Wolitzer and The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty recently. The Wife was ok. I liked her book The interesting’s much more. The ending  to the Wife was very abrupt. I was like Wait? What? I really thought I had missed something. I flet like she kids got bored writing the thing was like “The hell with it. I’m done.”

I really liked The Husband’s Secret. It posed a few tough “What would you do?” questions that I am still not sure what my answer would be. I really got into the book and finished it in about 3 days. It takes place in Australia, so I had to get use to the comments about Good Friday being the beginning of Fall and some of the slang I didn’t get but overall I it was good. Right now I am reading What Alice Forgot also by Liane Moriarty. I am only 10 pages into the book, so I will let you know if it is as good as The Husband’s Secret.

I am also listening to a book on audio. It is called The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. I saw her interviewed on the Today show about her book and thought it sounded good. I think they have a book club and this is the current book they are reading. Shannon is like 24 years old and this is her first book. She has already sold the movie rights and ithe book going to be a series. So far I like what I hear. The story takes place in London in the future. If you are into audio books I recommend this one. The narrator, Alana Kerr, is doing a great job so far. A bad narrator can kill a book for me. I have been known to stop listening all together due to the narrator.

It has been overcast and rainy here in the ATL for the past two days. I fear the weather will slow down the chicken coop/run progress and the rest of the landscaping. Fingers are crossed that it clears up later this morning like it did yesterday. Busy day today. I have financial plans to work on and finish, two conference calls, laundry that needs to be started, need to go to the bank and I really need to go to Trader Joe’s. The Boy’s lunch is looking pretty pathetic!

Reader’s! Have a wonderful day!!

5 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away….

  1. I felt the same way about “The Wife”. I finished it and thought, “That’s it?” Very meh. I loved “The Interestings”. Try Wolitzer’s book “The Position”. Sort of funny. I also read “What Alice Forgot”. I’ll have to definitely read “The Husband’s Secret”. Thanks for the recommendation. The stairs look terrific!

  2. It is starting to clear up but of course the humidity is coming back. Ginger gave me a book called One Thousand White Women, takes place in the 1800’s. I am just starting it but she and her Mom loved it, will let you know what I think. Just found some ugliness in the guess room, one of the windows has come down so dirt came in what fun. Hope that your weather clears, love you lots Momee

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