My Man

My Man

For the last month My Man has been working from home while his office is being renovated. It has been kinda of nice having him at home during the day. He makes the coffee in the morning after dropping off to the boy to school and take breaks and does some cleaning or laundry. Tomorrow will be the last day before he heads back to his office north of us. Today we went to one of his favorite restaurants, Canoe, for lunch. We have eaten dinner there many times but never lunch.



We ordered two appetizers to share, Shrimp Spring Rolls with Cilantro and Yuzu and Canoe’s House Smoked Salmon on a Crispy Potato Cake with Vermont Goat’s Cheese. The Smoked Salmon was soooo good. I think I could have eaten two of them all by myself. The Spring Rolls were also very good but the salmon was my favorite.


For lunch both My Man and I ordered Crispy George’s Bank Cod Fish Sandwich with House Made Tartar Sauce. The sandwich was very tasty. The cod is fresh not frozen and you could tell the difference. The french fries were so good I had to force myself to stop eating them or I would have eaten all of them!


It was really nice having lunch with My Man. It is such a pretty day today and we had a good time. It is too bad he doesn’t work closer to home. We could meet for lunch much more!

Little Puppy

Little Puppy

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