Happy Monday Reader’s!

This morning started off with me trying to get My Man out of bed. After a week off from work, it is time for him to return and he isn’t to happy about it. The Boy will be with me today. We are going to go to my treatment and then he is having his buddy over to hang out. Now that he is 8, I can’t call it a play date anymore. Hanging out is much more grown up. Oh Pickles.


Yesterday I went to the gym and did 45 minutes of cardio. I then went to my yoga class. It was so great to get back on the mat. I have missed it! My favorite teacher, Mia, was teaching the class, so that made it even better. She talked about making New Years resolutions and how instead of using phrases like “I will or I’ll try”, use the word Be. She said it much better then I just did but you get the idea (I hope). So here is my first resolution for 2014.

Be Healthy

How am I going to do that? First I am starting a food/exercise log. I heard of My Fitness Pal from the blog Carrots-n-Cake. I have used other logs in the past but wanted to give this one a try. It is free and so far pretty easy to use. I need to get my eating under control. I have gained 15 pounds over the last 6 months. Like I said, I am the only person I know who gained weighted while undergoing chemo/surgery/radiation. But hey, I never threw up!

Next I will be working out more. Starting next week, I will be meeting with my trainer, SK, twice a week. I will also be taking The Boy to Boot Camp at the gym twice a week and will work out while he does. That leaves one more day a week I must work out. I am going to try to have that be Sunday evenings. I liked doing cardio and then taking the Yin Yoga class. I will also try to take a basic yoga class on Friday mornings after I work out with SK. And of course, I will track it all on My Fitness Pal.

What will you BE in 2014?


5 thoughts on “Be….

  1. I hope to loose some weight but that candy bar I just ate probably will not help. I saw one of the instructors dancing to her music hope that I can get back to dancing. I have other thoughts but will keep them to myself. I am proud of you and glad that you did not throw up. I really think that your gaining weight had a lot do with not exercising. You were really doing a lot before the chemo. Keep exercising, marching to that drummer in your head. Proud of you Shay Shay. Love you lots,lots,lots Momee.

  2. Me? I shall BE more aware… Aware that some things I can’t change, no matter how much I wish I could.

    If you consider that I gained 5 pounds over the Christmas break, and that despite all the walking I did at airports…the 15 you gained is not so bad, all things being relative. So I will BE found at the Planet getting back to Fitness.

  3. I will be patient…
    Impatience will get you nowhere, fast. If you insist on being in a hurry, you’ll move very quickly — and often get nowhere. Take a breath. Relax. Find your peace. Don’t require the Universe to move more rapidly than it is. It is actually working perfectly, and it will prove that to you if you will give it a chance. Really. Trust me on this.
    -Neale Donald Walsh

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