My Mini Faux Hawk

Happy Friday Reader’s!

SLOWLY but surely it is growing back....

SLOWLY but surely it is growing back….

I am so happy it is Friday!! Yeah weekend. This morning I went to workout with SK and then took a yoga class. I am beat! My arms and shoulders are killing me but I am happy that I made it through both. No big plans for tonight but tomorrow our friends JJ and Dora will be in town from the Big D (that is Detroit) for a visit. Our friends Rick and his boys will making the trip down from Nashville too. It will be fun the see them. I need to make sometime to clean and vacuum and laundry. That shit never ends!!!

I hope you all have a nice weekend. Stay Safe. Stay Warm!

4 thoughts on “My Mini Faux Hawk

  1. Look at you Shay Shay your hair looks blonde to me. You are so pretty. Have a great time with your friends, even though it is cold here it has to be better then Detroit. Donn said that Fort Wayne was -4 this morning. They are heading to Mexico for there annual vacation away from the cold. Have fun this weekend. Love you lots,lots,lots Momee

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