Whatcha Reading? Whatcha Listening to?


Whatcha Reading?

Right now I am reading four books at one time. Crayzzzz. I know. Luckily three of them are by the same author and about the same topic.

Crazy, Sexy, Cancer


Crazy, Sexy, Diet


Crazy, Sexy, Kitchen


So as you may have guess they all have a common theme. Cancer and food. I am really enjoying all of them. Kris Carr is a Sexy Cancer Survivor. I am praying to be just like her!

The Leftovers


For those of you who have HBO you may have seen the commercials for a new series they are showing in June. I had come across this book in the past and walked on by. It wasn’t until I saw the commercial about the new series that I decided to give it another look. I am half way through the book and I am enjoying it. Here is the premise:

Author Tom Perrotta is a master at exposing the quiet desperation behind America’s suburban sheen. In The Leftovers he explores what would happen if The Rapture actually took place and millions of people just disappeared from the earth. How would normal people respond? Perrotta’s characters show a variety of coping techniques, including indifference, avoidance, depression, freaking out, and the joining of cults. Despite the exceptional circumstances, it’s really not unlike how people respond to more minor incidents in their lives (excepting cults). The result is a novel that’s a slow burn yet strangely compelling, one that leaves the reader pondering the story long after it’s over. In vivid and occasionally satiric prose, he takes a bizarre and abnormal event–the Rapture–and imagines how normal people would deal with being left behind. –Chris Schluep

Recent books I have read or at least tried to:

The Fall of Giants & Winter of the World by Ken Follett- I loved these two books. Thanks Geri for the recommendation! And it sucks i have to wait till September to read the third!

Since I like his other two books I had read I finally gave in and started The Pillars of the Earth. I was about 3/4 the way through it when I gave up. It is just to much of the same BS over and over and Over again. Ugh. Maybe when I have absolutely nothing else to read I will go back and finish it.

Maggies Man-Lisa Gardner- I gave up about 30 minutes into this one. Ugh. Annoying.

Chestnut Street-Maeve Binchy- I am about to stop reading this one. It better start getting good or it too will bite the dust. It is not grabbing me and pulling me in. More like repelling me.

I read a four book series by Jeffrey Archer. Only Time Will Tell, The Sins of the Father, Best Kept Secret and Be Careful What You Wish For. There is another one due to come out next year. They were good. No where near as the Ken Follett series but they were entertaining.

Whatcha Listening to?


St. Paul & The Broken Bones- Half The City- My Leg Doctor aka Prothetist (I have a problem saying this word and always end up say Proctologist. Eeeck! For the record, I have never gone to see a Proctologist. So I just call him my Leg doctor, which is kinda funny since I am missing my leg!) told me about this band at my last appointment. They are from Birmingham, Alabama, and are really good. When Rusty, My Leg Doctor, first showed me their video I was like, they could all be on the Big Bang Theroy! They are kinda of a nerdy bunch. Then the lead singer opened his mouth and I was like, He’s white? This man is total soul. WOW. He grew up in a super religious family (his mom threw his Nirvana CD away) and the only music he was allowed to listen to was Motown and it shows. I totally suggest you check them out.

Whatcha Reading? Whatcha Listening to?



3 thoughts on “Whatcha Reading? Whatcha Listening to?

  1. Love St Paul and the BB. amazing sounds coming from a “white boy”. I am also liking the Kongos and Jamestown Revival (still) There is some awesome music out there. 2014 so far has been stellar for new releases. I cannot read Maeve Binchy…she bores me to tears. Lisa Gardner is hit or miss… more often, a miss for me. I will have to look into the Ken Follet books and the ones by Kris… I just finished The Intercept by Dick Wolf and will be starting The Execution by him. He produced Law and Order, among other programs. I am also reading a bunch of books on Nubia.. Taking a Coursera course on them.. via Emory University. Love me some ancient history.

  2. We saw Ben Harper and his mother on Sunday morning and I am interesting in getting that CD( I know that is old fashion but works for me). I am reading a new John Sanford book it is set in Minnesota and it is neat to know where they are talking about because I have been there. Finished one by Victoria Thompson set in Victorian times, have read everyone of her books with these characters. I used to read Ken Follett when his books were about Ireland and the IRA. I really like Liam Devlin one his characters, the Eye of the Needle is also a good one. I am waiting for several books that I have ordered on my Kindle it takes to long and I want them now.
    I saw some of the videos that Kris Carr had made, like her up beat attitude. Have a good evening love you lots,lots,lots. Momee

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