Needs more salt…


Chillin' at Dr. Reads

Chillin’ at Dr. Reads

I got some good news today at Dr. Reads office today. My blood tests came back great! My white blood cell count was good, liver and kidneys look great! The only issue was that my sodium level was a bit low (128 whatever that means), lower than it has ever been. Low sodium!?! I love me some salt! Dr. Read is very happy with how things are going which makes me very happy.



The white hair has started to appear. It’s crazy! Good thing I will be going to get my hair colored next week. Don’t think I could stand to much of it. The pain in my side is still there and Dr. Read seems to think it is possible nerve damage from the surgery since it is at its worse in the morning and better when I am up and moving around. All I know is that it hurts and sneezing is a b!tch!

I am off to ProCare today to get my two new legs! Can’t wait to test out the sporty on tomorrow during my workout with SK. Bouncy! Bouncy! Bouncy!

Reader’s, how is your week going?



4 thoughts on “Needs more salt…

  1. Salt I can not believe that your sodium is low you who salt everything probably more then your Dad. The two of you have low blood pressure the salt people what is that about? Glad that everything is going great with all of the other blood work. You are not going to let it grow whiter just to see what it looks like another experiment, what color are you having done on your hair? Have fun with your new leg hope that it is not to bouncy you could do a flip becareful!!!!! Love you lots,lots,lots Momee

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