Calling all Bike Riders!!


New Hair Do!

New Hair Do!

Readers! The mullet is gone! Woot! Woot! On Saturday I went to Van Micheal salon and my new hairstylist, Bryan, had the great honor of cutting off the curls in the back. I am so happy they are gone (although, they were very soft). What to you think? He did not cut much of the top since the goal is for it to grow out and catch up with the back part. I also got some special shampoo that will help thicken it and make it grow faster. I sure hope it does what they say it will. I want my long hair back so bad.



Calling all Bike Riders!!

Do you like to bike? Are you interested in raising money for Cancer research? Want to come visit the ATL? My Dad and I are trying to build a team to participate in the 2014 24 Hours of Booty! This is a ride that lasts 24 hours held here in Sandy Springs in October. A great time to come visit! Now, you do not have to ride the whole 24 hours. In fact, neither does your team. There is no way me or my dad could do that! But what fun would it be to have a nice group of people riding to raise money for such a great cause. You can be a survivor, living with cancer or just a super cool person who wants to help!

There will be an area were you can set up your own little camp site or you can stay at home or in a hotel. There is a registration fee and each rider must raise $200.00 to participate. You can also earn prizes for how much money you raise for the ride.


I think it would be a lot of fun! Let me know if you are interested in joining the My Hotel Yorba Team! 

5 thoughts on “Calling all Bike Riders!!

  1. I like your hair but I also liked the curls. I am using a shampoo and conditioner to thicken my hair and seems to have worked. About the bike riding team I will be there as a cheer leader as I flunked bike 101. Come on everybody bike rider or cheer leader it does not matter what age you are or going to be. My Hotel Yorba Team rocks! See you next week .

  2. Hair looks good. I remember how happy I was to get the curls cut off. And now I am happy to be able to get it cut in a bob and work with the curls in the summer humidity…the curls will become your friend one day. The bike ride sounds fun…if I had a bike I would sign up. I will do some sponsoring, though

  3. I’m all over the “24 Hours of Booty”, even though it’s not what I originally expected. We need 12 people (ride 1/2 hour… rest, relax and party for 5 1/2 hours and ride another 1/2 hour X 4). It’ll be a great life-time adventure for a good cause.

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