24 Hours of Booty!

Readers! It is official. Team Hotel Yorba is up and running for the 24 Hours of Booty ride in October here in the ATL. What? What is it you ask? Read below!


More than just a ride.  

24 Hours of Booty is a community committed to put cancer in its place. This 24-hour cycling event raises local and national funds for cancer-fighting programs. 

Held on a traffic free loop, the event brings together cyclists of all abilities. The only requirement is a bicycle (or unicycle!) and a passion for fighting cancer. When you ride, donate or volunteer at 24 Hours of Booty, you get so much more than miles on your bike.

We are community.  We ride as family, united by a common goal.   
We are achievable.  Ride one mile.  Ride one hundred miles.  It’s a ride to see if everyone can win. 
We are survivors. Cancer doesn’t own us. We will put it in it’s place. 
We are fun.  Cancer is serious business, but the ride doesn’t have to be.
We are focused.  We have a one-track mind. We exist to fight cancer. We fight as one.

We ride for your mom, your brother, your best friend and your coworker. We ride for the people just diagnosed and for the people fighting a hard battle. We ride for those celebrating years of remission and for those who are running out of time. 

We are all 24 Hours of Booty. Share the videos below with your family and friends to let them know how 24 Hours of Booty is active in your community.

Do you want to ride with Team Hotel Yorba? We would love to have you come down, up, or across and join us. Here is the link if you ant to Ride. Are you interested in volunteering? Check it out here. Are you interested in donating? This would be a WONDERFUL tax write off for 2014!! My page is here. If you want to join my team you can do that from either my home page and click the button on the right of the page or go here.


If you have issues just let me know and we will work on it. Please remember!!!! You DO NOT have to ride for the whole 24 hours. I plan to ride and rest and then ride some more. Read all about it if you are interested or if you are local and have a tent your can lend let me know! ;)


Readers! Come join us!!

PS…Rebecca took a picture of me while I slept during my chemo!

Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty

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