Bloody Internet

Readers- I know it has been awhile and I apologize for the delay in posting. The internet here at Hotel Yorba has sucked. I think I complained in my last post about it and well, it has gotten worse. When it works, it is a slow as a snail, an old, old snail. I have been trying to load pictures up for this post for two days now! I have no idea how long it will take this entry to post. It could be two days from now! We are done with it. On Monday we are changing to a new internet provider. Fingers are crossed that this will be an easy switch.

We finally got a new TV on Tuesday, to replace the one that just stopped worked a few weeks ago. It is 47 inches big (thank goodness for Costco). WOW. That is big for us. It is crazy how big TV’s are getting now a days and how they can’t last past 5 or 6 years. :|



Band of Horses

We had a great time last weekend. We went to the Forecastle Music Festival in Louisville, KY. It was the first festival for The Boy and the first I have been to in a very long time. What a wonderful job they did! There was plenty of space, lots of stages, food, bathrooms, places to chill and great music. The Boy had a lot of fun as did his parents!


First Bourbon Mug


Yummy Tea!


Waiting for dinner in Nashviille, TN


Free Photo Booth fun!

IMG_4666 IMG_4671

Tired of being in pain and being tired!

So I guess I put the fact that I am going through chemo out of my mind for a while. Ignored it. Went along as though nothing was going one.  Well, this past week it has made sure I not forget about it. It has not been the best week for me. I am very tired. Been going to bed before The Boy does and been passing out taking naps during the day. When I am awake my side/ribcage has been killing me and I just don’t have much energy to do anything. The pain medication that Dr. Read has given has helped out some but the pain is still there. I have also been having some issues with my left leg, swelling and burning sensations, which I think is a side effect from the chemo. Not good. I had to make the change back to the super soft toothbrush (still had one left over from last summer) and special toothpaste. The inside of my mount is getting pretty sore. I have not been working out either and I rely need to because I have 24 Hours of Booty coming up!

What I would love is some energy to clean the upstairs, the refrigerator, juice more (been drinking bottled green juice), clean out the garage, do laundry! Yes, I want to be able to do these things. Instead I just want to fall asleep. I need some ENERGY people! I wish they sold some in a bottle.

I had more pictures I wanted to post but the internet is not working with me. So I think I will just try to post this and hope for best! Have a great day Readers!

6 thoughts on “Bloody Internet

  1. You need us let us know but I am glad you are taking naps it is good for you. All of the things you wish you could do are not important you are important listen to you body. Prayers and lots of love coming your way Momee.

  2. If you want to try some Spark by Advocare it is sort of like energy in a bottle! Not like a 5 hour energy drink though. A litte caffeine but with vitamins. Google it and see if you’d like to try and I can bring you some of mine this weekend. It helps me get through a lull.

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