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Kitty Cam…Bath time.


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Readers! How has your weekend been? Mine has been pretty good other than the passing of Poppy. I have had two good days. The pain level has been low and the energy level high. I am not sure what to think of it and do all I can do not to think about it. It is hard not to though.

Saturday morning I took Timber to the vet to get more heart worm pills (holy $$$, who knew?) and a mani/pedi. He was pretty nervous being there. I have never seen him so nervous before. He did not want to go back with the very nice and happy vet tech. He came back with his paws looking fantastic! However, I was informed that he had gained weight and has been gaining weight since we adopted him! Oh No! Right now he weights 89 pounds. I will admit that we haven’t been playing as much ball as we did in the past. I have been tired this summer and it has been hot. My Man had been taking him running but recently Timber doesn’t want to go. Like he lays down in the middle of the road refusing to run or refuses to leave the house if I don’t go with him. Well, while on our way back home I informed him it had to stop. He had to start running again. We can’t have him become a fatty. It just isn’t healthy for him. With the weather getting cooler soon (I hope) I am planning on more games of catch and walks and runs with My Man.

Just need the fire pit now.

Just need the fire pit now.

Later The Boy, who was feeling blue because of Poppy, and I went to Target. That place will cheer anyone up! I needed to get some household items and wanted to get out of the house since I had energy and the sun was out. I found four outdoor chairs that were on clearance for $11.00 each. I had to buy them, just had too! I have been wanting to set up a fire pit area by The Majestic. The chairs would workout perfectly. Now I just need to fire a low-cost, high quality fire pit. Oh Pickles.

Of course since it was Saturday, there was college football to watch, a house to clean and laundry to do. RTR!! and don’t talk to me about MSU… that is Alabama and Michigan State.

More Chickens?

My Father-in-law, Bob, asked if we were planning on getting anymore chickens now that Poppy has passed. Well, I had been thinking about once I saw her health start to decline. I don’t have plans to get anymore chickens for a while. I think we all need time, especially The Girls. They all (Turbo) need time to get use to all the changes. It has been a big year for all three. Terry Pete and Zazzles, being born, leaving the only home they knew, meeting two new hens and then losing a friend. And poor Turbo. Poppy was her snuggle buddy for a long time. I wonder if she is sleeping alone in the nesting boxes or did she try to jump up on the roosting bars and sleep with Terry Pete and Zazzles. Poor thing.

Small but big enough.

Small but big enough.

I think that next Spring I will look into getting two more hens. I would like to get two baby chicks that are big enough to know that they are hens (opposed to roosters) but still need to live inside with a heating lamp, some fluff and food and water. I want to be able to really bond with them before I would move them into The Majestic. I would probably introduce them the same way I did Terrance Peterson and Zazzles. It seemed to work out ok. I told The Boy my plan and told him he could name one. That made him smile.

Today there is more football to watch and a garden to start cleaning up if it doesn’t rain. If it does rain then and I have the energy (I have been up since three and have been writing this post since 4am) I may do more cleaning and organizing. I am pretty sure there will be a nap somewhere in there and of course more laundry. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Take Care and Be Safe!



3 thoughts on “Weekend update…

  1. Sorry for the loss of your chicken but glad you are feeling better this weekend. I’m headed out to do some work in the yard. Football season is already over : (

  2. Fire pit area is looking good up there by the Majestic. The thing about animals is that they know when we are not up to par. Timber has been “your’s” since day one and accompanied you everywhere. He surely knows when you are low and it stands to reason that he would want to stay with you rather than run with Justin, heat notwithstanding. I think we don’t always give our animals the credit they deserve insofar as their inherent ability to “know” us. I am sure you, with all your creativity and determination, will figure out a way to get that boy some exercise.

    Glad you have had a good weekend. Hang tight. RTR from the chick who hasn’t a clue about football :)

  3. I agree with Pat Timber knows you are not feeling your best and is probably afraid that not being there to protect you just doesn’t compute. It is also hot, I am having trouble I do not have a fur coat. Please let Fall begin soon or I am up for winter.
    I always got chickens the size of the picture Easter was my time might think about the bunny bringing them.
    A fire pit would be nice go for it.
    See you tomorrow, love you lots,lots,lots Momee
    Auburn also won, Ball State lost at the very last moment.

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