Four Down, Three to Go…

Happy Thursday Readers! It is almost Friday! Woot! Woot! Even though I am in the hospital, I am excited it is almost Friday. It means I will be one day closer to getting home. I am due for my 5th cycle of chemo tonight. I will have two more cycles to go through for a total of seven, one more than last summer. Dr. D. is going hard-core which is fine by me. I can take anything they can dish out.

I got a better nights sleep last night. No blood transfusion to keep me up. I slept from 12:30 to 4am and then from 4:30am to 8:15am. My Man came in shortly afterwards with coffee and breakfast. He is so sweet. I was able to make my conference call although I was a bit late since they were setting up my chemo. Afterwards I hit a wall and passed out. I slept through my friend, Calanit who came down to visit me! Boo! But I was tired and you got to get the sleep when you can get it.

Later my friend Jennifer P., who has been a saving grace, came to see me. She has been picking up The Boy and having him over after school since Tuesday. He even had his guitar practice there. It’s a good thing our boys have the same teacher and on the same day. She has just been so great to us.

Guess who I just saw?!? The Boy! My Man picked him up and brought him for a visit. We had to meet in the family waiting room. It was full of a few families but we had space. I miss him and being with by boys and the fur kids. I miss my bed. He seems to be ok, kinda sad but ok. He, like me, are hoping that I get to go home on Saturday. Then I will have three weeks of normalcy. i will still have to go in once a week for labs but I think I can handle that.

There is a chance, a chance that if I do well that I may be able to do my need treatment out-patient. For seven days I would go into the hospital for three hours for my chemo. Then I would wear a purse like think what would have my mesna and fluids in it that I would be hooked up to. This way I could go home!! How awesome would that be? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

So Dr. D. just came in and sat down with me for 25 minutes to talk. Told me the difference in sarcoma vs breast or lung cancer. Talked about genetic testing. How I was feeling. Anything and everything! Wow. It is almost 9pm and she was in no rush.

Have a Happy Friday Readers!

3 thoughts on “Four Down, Three to Go…

  1. We are thrilled you are doing so well. With Doc D, we know you have the best care ever! We are still sending 100% of our prayers your way. Love, Geri & Bob

  2. Sounds good and what a great doctor likes her patients. It would be wonderful if you could be an out patient I vote for that. Talk to you tomorrow, love you lots lots lots Momee.
    Hard typing laying down.

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