What I am obsessed over now…

Readers! I have an obsession. A tiny obsession. If you watch any of the home improvement channels you my have come across shows regarding one of my tiny obsessions.

Tiny Houses

Tiny House in the Woods

Tiny House in the Woods

For the last few days, I have been spending hours at night on Pinterest looking at Tiny Houses. I have come across a few shows on HGTV. Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House, Big Living and Tiny House Builders.


I also watched a documentary about a couple who took a year to build a tiny house out in Colorado called Tiny. I loved it. It was interesting to see how much more difficult it was to build then they thought. They had no real construction experience but I think since it they figured it was small it would matter so much. It did. The end house turned out great. They had first thought it would take the summer but no. A Year. They were still both working at the time and ran into a few financial issues during the year which slowed them down a bit.

From Tiny, the documentary.

From Tiny, the documentary.

I have told My Man and The Boy, that after we get these tumors settled and get on our own financial house in order, that I want to buy some land in the GA mountains and put a tiny house on it. After watching and reading about it, I am thinking we would have to go over the standard 200 squared feet and have something around 500 to 550 square feet. I think that would be big enough from the three of us, the puppy and the cats (should they wish to travel that long in the car). 3bfebb2c921366ad19bd4cf68c7c9ac2

Of course this obsession might not last that long. Who knows. Although it has gotten me thinking about getting rid of the clutter in the home I live in now. I look around and think, why do we have so much stuff? We don’t need half it and it is just more for me to clean. The first room I will work on, once the pool table is removed, is my home office. It is a cluttered mess. Might do some much-needed painting since we have a lot left over from the rec room.

Tiny Terrariums and Marimo Moss Balls


In my shopping cart.

Isn’t that the coolest thing? My Man doesn’t get my obsession of the little moss-green balls but when I look at them, I feel calm. I have two of them in the shopping cart on Etsy.

The other one I may get.

The other one I may get.

I have also always wanted a terrarium kit. I would love to have them all over the house but I know a certain Simoncat who would knock them down and mess around with them. So if I get one, It will have to stay in my office at work, which is fine. I am going to try to do the whole de-clutter thing there too.

In shopping cart.

In shopping cart.

Readers, what do you think? You like the tiny houses? Like my choices in my shopping cart? What are you obsessing over recently?

6 thoughts on “What I am obsessed over now…

  1. Getting shopping done and hoping I remembered to get every one something. I like the tiny houses and I think your idea to have one in the Georgia mountains is great. I see peace and quiet that is appealing also the fresh air.
    You are inspiring me to start and end 2015 with less STUFF keep telling us how you are doing. Maybe you should take before and after pictures.
    See you soon, live you lots,lots,lots Momee

  2. I’m intrigued by those houses too. Thing is though…..it would HAVE to be in a climate where you could spend nearly all your time outside. Claustrophobia would descend otherwise. Remodel The Majestic into a tiny house for the girls!

  3. As someone who has lived in 474 square feet with her husband and child I can tell you that it’s a nice idea but the reality is difficult. It’s been over 2 years since we moved to a larger place (almost 1000 square feet) and I still have PTSD from living in that small apartment. The almost 1000 square feet place is fine because it’s a great layout. I have no desire for more stuff but still have a desire for more square footage.

  4. I love the tiny houses, and the container homes also. Have you seen those? They have one on display at Eastern Market in Detroit. They want to build a container hotel there. So cool.

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