Meatless Monday Recipe

I have an idea. I started participating in Meatless Monday about a month ago. Now, I don’t eat pork, haven’t since I was 13, and I no longer eat chicken for obviously reasons (Turbo would be pissed). I rarely eat red meat, however if I am at a nice restaurant where I know where they get their beef, I am known to order a steak or steak tartare. So that leaves fish and turkey. I love turkey bacon, sausage and burgers. Years ago I was a full fledge vegetarian but since having The Boy I have gone back and forth and back again.

Back to my idea, I am going to pick a vegetarian recipe, make it, photograph it and share it with you every Monday. This way, it will:

  1. Make me do it – don’t want to get angry comments from y’all!
  2. Make me plan ahead!
  3. Make me read all the digital magazines I get
  4. Eat better!

This coming Monday, I will be making Broccoli Tomato Galette from Vegetarian Times March 2013 edition. I plan to make it on Sunday, then refrigerate it and eat it on Monday. They say it will still taste Yummy the next day.

If any of you have any recipe ideas or where to get some good ones, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Meatless Monday Recipe

  1. I usually have several meatless days a week…seems I am too lazy to cook after working all day and find cereal or veggie plates or salsa and chips just the thing

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