I am a slacker

Hi Y’all!

Sorry I have been MIA this week. I have been a slacker. The week started off kinda crazy and when I would get home, all I wanted was my bed…and a glass of wine.

Monday started out with me taking my car in for its 15K mile check up at 9am. The guy said it would take an hour. It took four hours and they gave it back to me broken. Not Happy. They had to order a part for my Sync system (which worked fine when I brought it in). That meant no hands free phone (I did not call while driving), no navigation and the worse, no music. They said the part would be in the next day. Wrong. I just got it fixed today. Ugh. However, they did wash and vacuum out my car. :)

Tuesday, I had Jury Duty. Enough said. Well…Maybe not. Let me say that everyone who worked there was very nice. I never did get called for a jury and got to leave around 1pm but it did kind of mess up my day. How can you get so tired by doing nothing but sitting on your ass? Overall it wasn’t too bad. I will be looking for my $25 check in the mail.

Yesterday and today have been much better. I actually got some work done! After The Boy’s piano practice yesterday, we went out and ate some oysters. Yummy! I also had King Crab legs and a great wine from Hook & Ladder.


Radom Thought: I saw the actress Monquie at the club this morning. She has really lost a lot of weight and is looking good.

I am looking forward to Friday and the weekend. Nothing big planned. I will attempt to clean out the screened in porch and the pool. I also hope to plant more bulbs in the front yard.

At this moment The Boy is singing Crawling by Linkin Park in his bedroom.

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  1. Maybe you should think about putting him in a school like Alabama Fine Arts I would think that they would have a Georgia school.

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