Whatcha Listening to? Whatcha Reading?

Whatcha Listening To?


Band of Horses-Live at The Ryman

We have been big fans of Band of Horses for years now. My Man and I have seen them about four times and The Boy has seen them once. Last month when we went to Nashville and visited the Ryman, we saw that they had played a show there recently. I was super excited when about a week ago I saw that they released an acoustic album of the songs they played there over two nights. I LOVE this album. I love the reworking of the songs especially The Funeral and Older. So, so good. I also love how after almost every song they are like “thanks y’all! or Thank you so much!.” Such nice boys. Check it out!


Hoizer-Take Me to Church EP

I know nothing about Hoizer. Well, I just google him and apparently he his from Ireland so I know he has one hell of a sexy accident. That counts for something right? Anyway, I heard his song Take Me to Church on XM radio and really liked it. The EP contains a total of four songs and I like all of them! From what I read, it looks like he is hitting it big in Ireland and starting to tour in Europe as well. Maybe he will soon hit the states and release a full length album. So far I like what I hear!

Whatcha Reading?


Cockroaches- Jo Nesbo

I know I have mentioned Jo Nesbo before on a pervious Whatcha Reading. Since he is originally from Norway not all of his books get released in English in order. He became pretty popular in the US when Snowman came out and since then they have been translating his older books in the Harry Hole series. Cockroaches is one of them. I am about half way through and am enjoying it just as I have all of his books. Even with all his faults (he has many) Harry Hole is a character you can’t help cheering for.


Still Life with Bread Crumbs- Anna Quindlen 

From Booklist

Rebecca Winter was once a famous photographer, and, with any luck, she will be again. Having achieved surprising early success with her feminist “Kitchen Counter” collection, Rebecca, now 60, finds herself on fame and fortune’s flip side. With her former torrent of royalties dwindling to a trickle, Rebecca has been forced to give up her perfect Manhattan apartment for a paltry upstate cabin, and with marauding raccoons, stray dogs, and trigger-happy hunters, life in the country is proving to be no walk in Central Park. Luckily, Rebecca still has her camera, and she soon finds inspiration for new work in unexpected places, often in the company of a bird-watching roofer named Jim, whose quiet companionship proves to be just the balm she needs to fully embrace her unfamiliar surroundings.
What got me to read the book in first place was that the main character was once a famous photographer. Being that many moons ago I dreamed of being a famous photographer, I thought it would be a good read. And it was. Don’t think it is all about photography, it is a story of a woman, in her 60’s (she is not written like any 60 year woman I know) trying to kick-start her life again. Who of us hasn’t had to do that two or three times?


Stella Bain-Anita Shreve

From Publishers Weekly

Shreve’s 17th novel is a tragic yet hopeful story of love, memory, loss, and rebuilding. A young woman wakes up with amnesia in a battlefield hospital tent in Marne, France, in 1916. She thinks her name is Stella Bain, and she thinks she knows how to nurse and drive an ambulance. As she recovers, she returns to duty in this new environment, caring for the wounded and dying. When she arrives in the city exhausted and destitute, she’s discovered in a park by a doctor’s wife, who takes her in. The doctor, Augustus Bridge, is a cranial surgeon with an interest in psychiatry. Stella becomes a €œquasi-patient€; he finds a way to get her into the Admiralty, and, when a former friend recognizes her by name, her memories return, including the fact that she has children—and the reason why she left them. The amnesia and its cause are only part of the story; the lack of understanding at the time of the consequences of witnessing the horrors of war, for both men and women, also plays a key role.
I love reading historical fiction and this one did not disappoint!!
Readers, what album can you not stop listening too? What book can you not put down?

Whatcha Reading? Listening To?

Whatcha Reading Reader’s?

Here are some of the books I have read over the last month or so.

The Last Anniversary- Liane Moriarty–A good, fun, fast read with a little mystery.

Summer People- Elin Hilderbrand–A good, fun, fast read.


The Blue Bistro-Elin Hilderbrand–A good, fun, fast read.

The Beach Club-Elin Hilderbrand–A good, fun, fast read.

White Fire-Preston & ChildThis one took awhile to get into. I did enjoy it but I don’t think I will read any others in the series.

The Secret Keeper-Kate Morton–I have read all of her books and while I enjoyed this one, it wasn’t my favorite.


I just started listening to How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper via Audible. I have listened to a few of her books before and loved them. The narrator is Amanda Ronconi and she does a wonderful job. The book does have a werewolf in it but it isn’t a super natural book. It just happens that one of the guys is a werewolf. It is a very funny read and I suggest it and her the “Nice Girl” series. Molly Harper is also the narrator the series and does a fantastic job.

What am I listening to?

Arcade Fire- Reflektor–It is ok. Not my favorite of theirs. To be honest I was kind of disappointed. No need to rush out and get it.


Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon- Mechanical Bull- I am very happy to say, I love this album! Not as good as Only By The Night but very a close second. Check this one out!

What are you reading? Listening to?



I’ve Got Friends…

Hey Y’all!

I hope you have been having a great day. Here in the ATL is feels like an overcast October day and I love it! The temp is in the low 70’s and it is not that muggy. It would have been nice for some sun but who cares. I woke up bright and early to get The Boy ready for school. After he and My Man left, I did not have to lay in the fetal position due to the nausea for to long today. Woot! Making progress! I was able to come down around 7:30am and do a little work. I wanted to get an early start since I had a “date” with some ladies for lunch. Rebecca was kind enough to come pick me up and we meet Amy and Devra for a quick-lunch at Mirko. It was very yummy and I ate too much. Towards the end I was getting kinda tired and I am very happy Rebecca drove me home (as is everyone driving on Riverside Drive). I was pretty tired afterwards but it was really nice to get out and feel normal. Thanks Ladies!!!!

Ealier this week I think I mentioned a soup my mom had made for me that I loved. It was a Cold Cucumber and Avocado soup from the cookbook I got from my friends Chad & Kristen.


Well, I ate that up in a day and a half and have been wanting to make some more ever since. We still had some of the avocados that my FIL had sent us and they were going bad fast. I decided to go all though them and pick out the good parts to see if I have enough to make the soup. I have enclosed the ingredients and directions for anyone who loves cold soup. I kinda went off the reservation when I made my batch. I didn’t make enough for six (or maybe I did) but I added more avocados, salt, lime, cayenne pepper, etc. to mine. I blended and tasted as I went. I plan on having it for lunch tomorrow!

IMG_2653 IMG_2654 IMG_2655

What am I listening to?

Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra

I am listening to the Feb Rock Mix I made The Boy

The Boys “Rock” playlist

Forest Whitaker-Bad Books
Back Against The Wall-Cage The Elephant
Virgin-Manchester Orchestra
Crawling-Linkin Park
Ball & Biscuit-The White Stripes
I’ve Got Friends-Manchester Orchestra
Son’s Gonna Rise-Citizen Cope & Santana
April Fool- Manchester Orchestra
Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground-The White Stripes
Hotel Yorba-The White Stripes
Shake It Out-Manchester Orchestra
The Hardest Button to Button-The White Stripes

I have listened to it two or three times, while making my soup and writing this post. Gets me   in a rockin’ mood.

Shout Outs-

Jennifer S.- I LOVED the veggie lasagna and salad! That dressing was very yummy and even The Boy ate the lasagna!

Gerri T.- Love me that soup! Going to have some for dinner tonight. Thanks for hanging out a bit. Someday you will have to come to my house when it is clean!

Weekend Update…

This weekend was full of birthday celebration for The Boy. His birthday isn’t till the 24th but we started early. We took him to his 2nd concert, The Avett Brothers. Then on Saturday we had his party at the club. On Monday he had his class end of the year party (school is out on Thursday) and today I am bringing cupcakes to the school at lunchtime. Here are some pictures from the weekend…There are a lot!


Miss Garrick's 2nd grade class

Miss Garrick’s 2nd grade class

Go Summer

Go Summer

Swim test

Swim test

The Boy and Sully

The Boy and Sully

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Fly Dance Moves

Fly Dance Moves


Corey & Summer

Corey & Summer


Izzy and Marley (The Girl Friend & His Best Friend)

Izzy and Marley (The Girl Friend & His Best Friend)

DSC_0045 DSC_0044

Crazy Boys!

Crazy Boys!

DSC_0036 DSC_0034

Izzy & The Boy

Izzy & The Boy




Team Hamer

Team Hamer


The Boy & Mom

The Boy & Mom


I am a slacker

Hi Y’all!

Sorry I have been MIA this week. I have been a slacker. The week started off kinda crazy and when I would get home, all I wanted was my bed…and a glass of wine.

Monday started out with me taking my car in for its 15K mile check up at 9am. The guy said it would take an hour. It took four hours and they gave it back to me broken. Not Happy. They had to order a part for my Sync system (which worked fine when I brought it in). That meant no hands free phone (I did not call while driving), no navigation and the worse, no music. They said the part would be in the next day. Wrong. I just got it fixed today. Ugh. However, they did wash and vacuum out my car. :)

Tuesday, I had Jury Duty. Enough said. Well…Maybe not. Let me say that everyone who worked there was very nice. I never did get called for a jury and got to leave around 1pm but it did kind of mess up my day. How can you get so tired by doing nothing but sitting on your ass? Overall it wasn’t too bad. I will be looking for my $25 check in the mail.

Yesterday and today have been much better. I actually got some work done! After The Boy’s piano practice yesterday, we went out and ate some oysters. Yummy! I also had King Crab legs and a great wine from Hook & Ladder.


Radom Thought: I saw the actress Monquie at the club this morning. She has really lost a lot of weight and is looking good.

I am looking forward to Friday and the weekend. Nothing big planned. I will attempt to clean out the screened in porch and the pool. I also hope to plant more bulbs in the front yard.

At this moment The Boy is singing Crawling by Linkin Park in his bedroom.

What am I listening to?

What am I listening to? Right now I am listening to The Avett Brothers.


The Avett Brothers are an American band from Concord, North Carolina. The band is made up of two brothers—Scott Avett, playing the banjo and Seth Avett, playing the guitar—and Bob Crawford, who plays the stand-up bass. ( from Wikipedia). My Man and I have seen them once in concert and in May we are taking The Boy to see them at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, as part of his Birthday gift (but to be honest, we would have taken him anyway).

The two CD’s I have been listening to are The Carpenter and I and Love and You. Check them out! BTW…Both brothers have perfect teeth. Ask my girl Dee, she will agree with me!