Happy Birthday to My Man



On Saturday night, I took My Man out for his birthday dinner at Quinones at Bacchanalia. He has been wanting to go eat there for years and we were lucky to get reservations. We had a 20 course tasting. Mine was slighty different from My Man’s since I do not eat pork.



SummerLand Farm Radish, Preserved lemon


North Georgia Trout Crudo, Smoked Egg, House Made Yogurt


Cauliflower, Red Onion Petals


Jerusalem Artichoke Profiterole, Black Truffle


House Cured Bresaola, Mustard


Kumamoto Oysters, Caviar, Chervil



Hamachi, Shoyu


Marinated Clams, Uni


Nantucket Bay Scallops


Poached Loup de Mer, Sweet Potato


Greens & Heirloom Grains, Onion, Foie Gras


Confit Lamb Belly, Apple, Turnip


Sweetbread, Pumpkin, Leek


Ballotine of Squab, Chestnut, Sour Cherry



Lamb Tongue “Ribolitta”


Apple, Endive, Cabernet


Cranberry, Orange


Chocolate & Buttermilk


Petit Fours


Happy Birthday!



I forgot to take a picture of th Maple Pecan desert. We also went ahead and had the Wine Pairings with the meal. All were very good except the I wasn’t a big fan of the port we had with desert. Much to thick and sweet for me. My Man had a wonderful time and the food was incredible. Quinones is now our favorite special occasion restaurant. Today is My Man’s actual birthday and his first gift from me is that I am not waking him up.

I hope you all have a Happy Monday!!

I look ridiculous…


How was your Friday? Good day? Sun shinning? The sun was not shinning in the ATL but the temperature was in the low 60’s and a bit humid but overall it was nice out. My day began with getting The Boy ready for school. He was spending the night at a buddies house so we also had to pack a bag with his clothes in it to bring to school. I went along for the drop off to school and then My Man drove to Brueggers Bagels to get us coffee and breakfast. I stayed in the car since I was still in my PJ’s. After breakfast, I did some work and then got ready from my three appointments at Emory Midtown Hospital.

My first appointment was a CT scan where they mapped out where they will zap me with radiation. The technician who ran the scan was very nice. She is going to have a baby in about two weeks! One thing Dr. Higgins failed to mention was that they were going to mark my chest up with a black sharpie. Yep, I have ten black sharpie marks across my chest. Each one is covered with a clear sticker. And I will have to keep them until JANUARY!!!! January people! She told me not to scrub at them in the shower. I then informed that I would be going swimming next week. She wasn’t thrilled about that but in the end she gave me a black sharpie and stickers and I promised to make sure that if they started to fade, I would remark them and put new stickers on.The marks are to help “line me up” for my treatments. I look f-ing ridiculous Reader’s. Ridiculous. I have ten black sharpie marks and four fresh scars on and around my chest. Won’t I look sassy in a bathing suit?!?


I meet up with My Man in the lobby of the hospital. He had been working and was on a conference call. Afterwards we walked a block or two and had some lunch.

Nice Keyboard

Nice Keyboard

Then it was back to the hospital for my chest X-Ray. The wait wasn’t too long and the X-Ray was very fast. We then went down two floors for my appointment with Dr. Pickens. He was only 45 minutes late! I had my stitches taken out and then met with the Doc. He basically went over what happen during surgery and that my x-rays looked good. We talked about why he thought radiation was a good idea and My Man ended the conversation saying he hoped we never see him again. We had gotten to the hospital at 10:30am and left at 3pm.

My Man has lost his wedding ring. He realized when we got into the car to leave for the hospital yesterday morning. It has to be somewhere in our around the outside of the house. We have been looking for hours. We took the sofa apart, moved it off the carpet (so much fur and so many cat toys under there!) but found nothing. However, the couch and carpet are all nice a clean now. He is now outside raking leaves in hopes that it fell off while we walked from the house to the garage. I feel so bad for him. It has been driving him crazy.

Today we are taking The Boy to get a haircut, Timber to get fluffed and buffed and his nails trimmed and we will be packing for our trip to Florida. I am also taking My Man out to dinner tonight for his birthday which is on Monday. My Man is getting so old!! :) I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday aka Caturday!

You want some of this?

You want some of this?

Meow! It is Caturday!

Meow! It is Caturday!

Two Scoops

Two Scoops

Two Scoops

Only one more week till Thanksgiving Reader’s!! Are you ready? Do you know what you are cooking? I have no idea what I will be cooking. I was thinking about Butternut Squash-Goat Cheese Bites and Crab Toasts. What do you think? I feel like I need to come up with one or two more things. I need to do some research.

We are heading down to the Santa Rosa Beach for Thanksgiving. The Boy is getting the week off from school so we will be leaving on Sunday. I am looking forward to getting away for a week. I know The Boy is looking forward to seeing his cousins and hanging out with them. We are staying in a home my parents have rented for the week. It is called Two Scoops.

Can't wait to get in!

Can’t wait to get in!



We are going to take Timber with us. He is very excited! He is going to meet his cousins Indy and Cloe. I sure hope they all get along. They are both female so hopefully Timber won’t feel threatened. I would love it if they could all play ball together. The house has an enclosed pool that is heated. I can’t wait to go swimming. Maybe I can working out my right side and get it back in shape. I also hope to be able to go on some bike rides. I think I should be able to. We are going to bring my bike and The Boys down with us.

Heated Pool

Heated Pool

The house we are staying at is about 1 mile from my brother’s house. We will be able to ride bikes there plus the house comes with a road worthy golf cart. I can not wait to drive that thing! I am so excited!

I am so excited to drive this!

I am so excited to drive this!

Today I went to The Boy’s school and had Thanksgiving lunch with him. I stopped at Bruegger’s Bagels to grab him and I some lunch. I was not going to eat what the school was serving. We had a nice lunch together and then went to the school’s book fair to do some shopping. We bought one book for his classroom and two for him to read.



The Boy & Cream Cheese

The Boy & Cream Cheese

Yet another doctor…

Happy Wednesday Reader’s!

One boy working, one boy watching.

One boy working, one boy watching.

Yesterday was a busy day. I had two morning conference calls, worked on a financial plan, did some trading and got cleaned up and ready for my doctor’s appointment. My Man worked from home and around 1pm we went to pick up The Boy from school. We knew there was no way we would be back from my appointment, which was at 2:30pm, to pick him up at the bus stop (2:55pm). So we brought him with us.

My appointment was at Emory’s campus location in Decatur at the Winship location. We all met with Dr. Higgins and she was very nice. More on the Dr. Read end of the spectrum then Dr. Pickens. She explained why it would be a good idea to have radiation and the possible side effects. I ended up getting blood drawn there and on Friday I must have yet another CT scan to map out where they will zap me. Then I have a chest X-ray and a follow-up appointment with Dr.Pickens. Looks like I will be spending all day at the hospital. I will be starting my radiation on December 3rd and will have it everyday (give or take a few), five days a week for about five or six weeks. The actual time it will take from when I get to the hospital, check in, get zapped and leave will be around 20 minutes. Less time then it will take me to get to the hospital from my house! She did tell me that they will pay for my car to be valet parked. Should I ask for money for gas?

I wasn’t feeling all that great when we left. Not sure if it is getting off of the pain med’s, being tired, being tired of all this bullshit, the idea of driving five days a week to get zapped or all of it combined. On our way home we stopped to eat dinner and then came home. I went to bed before 10pm and woke up to My Man snoring. I couldn’t fall back asleep since My Man would not stop snoring, so I went in and got in bed with The Boy. He moved over and then used me as a pillow. The Boy likes to wrap his whole body around his pillow! I finally fell back to sleep and the next thing I knew My Man was waking us up. We had overslept a bit but we were able to get up and ready for school in time.

Will they ever get along?

Will they ever get along?

Thanksgiving is almost a week away. What are your plans? Going out-of-town? Having friends and family over to your home? Let us know!

Christmas Card Time!

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Reader’s! It is that time of year again. Time to start working on the Hamer Family Christmas card. For the past two years we have recreated famous album covers. Staying with that theme, we started working on this years card last week and yesterday I spent hours taking photographs and messing with it. My Man is so excited about it this year and I think it will be better than last years. We have a few more things to do/add to it before we have to find somewhere to print it. Do you know how hard it is to find a place to print a blank card? One with just your picture and no extra fluff on it? It is hard.

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Today I am going to get in the car and drive! I know, it has not been two weeks but this girl has to go to the bank. This is going to be a test run. I need to deposit a check so I am going to drive to the bank, deposit the check and come home. I would love to make a quick stop at Trader Joe’s but we will see how I am feeling. Yesterday I only took one pain pill. I have not been feeling great and I think it is because of the pain medication. My head hurts and I am all fuzzy. I went to bed last night at 7:45pm. So far today I haven’t taken anything thing and I have been having hot flashes. My right side is still sore and there is some pain off and on but it is getting better.

Hair Watch 2013-2014

So, they were the last to go and the first to start growing back. My eyebrows! Yep, they are starting to grow back. Very happy about this. The eyebrows really frames a person’s face and without them, I looked weird. I am starting to see some fuzz growing on my head too. Even My Man noticed.

Question: Have you started getting your Holiday cards ready?

Breaking Free today…

Hello Reader’s!

The bruises on my back are gone! Woot! Woot! Waking up and getting up out of bed is getting easier each day. I am also able to raise my right arm above my head without any pain. Still taking the pain pills but not as often or as much. I am on the mend.


Guess what!?! I am leaving the house today! It has been over a week since I last left the Hotel Yorba. My Man and I will be going out to dinner tonight to Empire Sate South. This is one of Hugh Acheson‘s restaurant. We have been there a few times before and have loved our meals. They have a Half Shell Oysters cocktail, celery mignonette, ESS hot sauce, benne crackers as an appetizer that I may get. Yummy. They also have a six course tasting. Since we have a nice sized gift card, that may be what we will try. Either way, I am looking forward to tonight.

The Boy will be spending the night at his friend, Corey’s, house. He is very excited.  We don’t have much else planned for the weekend, which is kinda nice. I may try driving, it will depend on how the pain is on my right side and if my arm feels strong enough.

Whatcha Reading?


I have started a new book, Police, by Jo Nesbo. I have read almost all the books Nesbo has has written in The Harry Hole series. In fact the only ones I haven’t read are the ones that have yet to be translated into english yet.

Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo

Nesbo is from Norway and has written over 20 novels. The first book of his I read was called The Snowman. Very good. Unfortunately I have not been able to read the entire series in order. For example, book two, in a 12 book series, isn’t coming out in English until February. I don’t know why they have released them done this way. It is kind of confusing but well worth it. Check them out.

What are your plans for the weekend?