My Mouth Hurts…

The mouth sores are here! The mouth sores are here! And they are not fun. Yesterday I had to move to the super soft toothbrushes that Jennifer C. sent me a few weeks ago. Thanks again! My gums are pretty sore and the tooth-brush helps. Then there are the sores on the side of my mouth and the top and bottom of my month. Eating has been getting a bit harder. Yesterday morning I made oatmeal thing it would be good since it is soft but it tasted weird. There goes my taste buds. Instead I had a banana. Ugh. This sucks.

Lots of people have told me about toothpaste, mouthwashes and gels that are made for this such thing. One of the two places I went to yesterday was Whole Foods and I asked the sales lady in the Health and Beauty section if they had anything. She showed me PerioWash.

L1030013 L1030019This morning after I brushed my teeth (painful), I took a cap-full of mouthwash and started to swish. Holy Pickles that burned. I swished for 30 seconds and then spit. I then repeated it like it said to. DAMN!! The burn!!!!! After I was done, it was pretty painful for 2 minutes but after that my mouth felt pretty good.  Now let’s see how long it will last.

Hair Update: Today is Day 13 of the Chemo Game and I still have may hair. However, this morning a lot more the normal came out.

My poor hair!

My poor hair!

I texted the picture to My Man and I think tonight is the night. I am going bald. I plan on pulling my hair back into a pony-tail and braid it. My Man will then cut off the pony-tail and then the clippers will come out. I plan on taking pictures of the process but I am not sure if I will post a bald picture. Not sure if I am ready yet but I will post some with scarves.

Ok Readers! Time to find something soft to eat for lunch. Have great day!!

It is Time to ROCK!

Kiss Kitty!!!

Kiss Kitty!!!

How Cool Is She??!! She is SUPER COOL!!!! Big shout out to Tracy K. When The Boy and I opened the package and saw what it was, we both started yelling. So cool. Plus anything Hello Kitty rocks.

This morning is starting out better than last. I was able to take a nap yesterday and take some NyQuil last night, so I got some rest. Still woke up with an aching jaw and sore throat but the cough, knock on wood, has not been too bad. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but the coughing has nothing to do with a cold or being sick. The doctor thinks it has to with the tumor pushing up against my trachea. So if the cough is bad, the tumor is pushing against it. If is isn’t bad, as in I am not coughing as much, it isn’t pushing up against it. And one reason for it not pushing up against it is that is getting smaller. And that folks is what we want to happen! Keep those fingers and toes crossed!

Going to play it smart today and not go crazy. I do have two places I would like to go to today both very quick visits. The rest of the day will be me at home working, resting and doing some laundry. I need more PJ pants!

That is all for now. Now Readers, being like Hello Kitty and go out and ROCK!!!

Monday, Monday…

Note to self, do not write that you aren’t feeling well on FB. You will send your mom into a panic. Truth is, I did feel like shit. My head ached, my jaw ached, I have my first mouth sore, my throat was sore and I have this dam cough (caused by the tumor). Although I was able to sleep thanks to some NyQuil, it wasn’t a very restful one. However after gargling with hydrogen peroxide, taking some aspirin, eating, taking a shower, drinking a protein drink (thanks Gerri) and then taking some Mucinex, I feel better. I do want to thank everyone who was worried, it was me just being pitiful. Sorry Mom. :)

My goal today was to go into to the office to do some work. However at 10am I got a call from The Boy’s Camp telling me that he wasn’t feeling all that good. Wonderful. I got him on the phone and he didn’t sound his usual self and the counselor agreed. So off Timber and I went to pick the boy up. We then had some stops to make. My office, Publix, the bank and Petco.

By the time we got home I was sweating something fierce and was ready for lunch and my bed. After eating and resting, Timber and I went out to check on the girls and play some ball. The key to playing ball with Timber is bring 2 balls. I stand in the shade and throw one and he will bring it back, drop it and then I throw the other one. It worked out great and didn’t tire me out. In fact he was the one who called it quits. He is now sitting in front of my desk panting like crazy. Someone got a good work out!

Last night I updated the blog a bit. There is now a page labeled Is There a Hotel Yorba? It tells about the hotel and why I have chosen to name my blog after it. Check it Out! Also, if you have or know someone who has a product/item/book they want someone to review, please send them my way! I would love to do some more reviews one items that my readers want to read about! You can contact me at

I really want to make this blog a place where people can share stories, ideas, products etc. To do that, I need your help! So help a girl out. Cause really, I have cancer….AGAIN! :)

To steal a phrase from one Mr. Christen Grey…..Laters Baby


Have I told you how cool my friends are???

Have I told you how cool my friends are??? I know I have but it goes without saying, I got the best ones. Yesterday we had a friends over to hang out and go swimming. True to course, the weather here in the ALT was kinda shitty so just the kids went swimming. But hey, at least the pool is getting used!

So, I will admit it, I overdid it yesterday. By the time everyone came over around 2pm, I had driven myself to the Farmer’s Market, whipped out the leaf blower and work on the patio/pool area and mopped part of our wood floors. (some cat, (Simon) made a mess with his dirty paws). When everyone came I made a corn and tomato salad with basil, olive oil and lemon juice.

When I took my temperature it was 99. Well my 4 nurses sprang into action! Nurse Rebecca, Amy, Devra and Calanit moved me into the family room, got me water, a wet wash cloth, insisted I put my feet up and not move. This went on all day. I admit, I wasn’t feeling good and it was nice to have friends call me out on it and take care of me. Rebecca even gave me an pedicure. I have not

Rebecca hard at work!

Rebecca hard at work!

So pretty!

So pretty!

How nice is that? I have pretty pink toes! The Boy had a great time with his friends and My Man got some much-needed relaxation time with his friends. The Boy went home with his BF Corey and this morning went to church and the to White Water Atlanta. Afterwards they are heading to Amy’s community pool and will have dinner with them. This is giving me some much-needed rest time since at 4am me and My Man were in the ER. It was a false alarm. I haven’t been sleeping well or in some cases at all, I did too much earlier in the day and a temperature came on. I got as high as 100.5 but what we found out is that our thermometer is about a degree off! While at the ER I never got past 99. We got home around 7:15am and both went back to bed. I am going to be calling the doctor on Monday and will ask for something to help me sleep. This can’t go on.


When I woke at noon my body was killing me. I felt like I had been hot by a truck! My back hurt so bad and my phantom pains where f-ing unreal. Hurt so bad. The only good thing about this is that My Man does not have to give me my shots anymore! Woot!

Whatcha Reading

My friends Aimee sent me this book and I just started reading it. Here I thought I had a rare cancer (sarcoma makes up less that 1% of all cancers). The author’s has a cancer that only .01% of the populations gets. WOW.



I am on chapter 3 and am enjoying it so far. It would be a great book for caregivers to read too.

Shout Outs!

Jennifer S. Thanks for dropping off food for us! I look forward to my soup and pizza. I already started eating the strawberries. Sorry I didn’t come to the door, I wasn’t in the best shape. Glad you got to meet Timber!

Gerri- The soup hit the spot this afternoon! Very Yummy!

All my ladies Yesterday was a lot of fun, even though I overdid it! You guys are the best!!

Some Highlights from Friday

Some Highlights from Friday

  • Bathed before 1pm today!- I had a conference call for work at 11:30am so I thought I would shower before hand.
  • Wore clothes today!- Again, I thought it would be nice to not wear my PJ’s during the call. I know, how would they know but it was time.
  • Stayed downstairs all day! When it came time for me to rest, I laid on the couch and watched my tivo’d DCI Banks (Side note, GREAT show. Airs on GPB here in the ATL)
  • Had three visitors today. Nice to see Calanit, Gerri and the Elley Family. Gerri, thanks for the soup. Can’t wait to try it! C&K, loved the food! Very Yummy. So nice to see Baby K. Have a great trip! Calanit, thanks for everything you are doing for me and the family.
  • Went out in the world today!- I road with My Man when he went to pick up The Boy from Camp. Started pouring down rain halfway there. Timber and I stayed in the car.
  • Took off all the bandages that were covering my port.- Have mentioned how gross and FREAKY this thing is. Gives me the willies thinking about it.


  • My Doctor called me!- What the what? He said he had been worried about me for the past two days and said what the hell, I’ll call. We talked about how I was feeling, my crazy ass dreams and what is to come. If all goes well, which it will damn it, I may go through SIX cycles of chemo. Oh. Six. Ok…. Shit. No hair for Christmas…
  • I took Timber for a walk!- My Man suggested it and came with me. We didn’t do our usual walk but made it about halfway. It wore me out but it felt good to out there with My Man and Timber. Timber has been by my side since I got home and it was nice to take him out.

Things I learned

  • Everything needs more salt. Now, one of my motto’s in life has been “Salt makes everything better” and it does, it really does. But now, I need it even more! Which is crazy cause I use a lot as it is. My slat taste buds must have been the first to go. :(
  • After talking to Dr. R and my buddy Gerri, this is just the beginning. So far this round of chemo hasn’t been all that bad. But from what they say, I think each one will get harder and the impact on the old bod will be worse. That means I am going to enjoy how I feeling right now (not 100% but not 50%) and prepare myself for the next round. I am going to take them one at a time. That means I might be calling you soon SK!! Get a plan ready for me!

Enjoy you Saturday!!!

Product Review

Review of Reed’s Peanut Butter Ginger Candy

Reed's Peanut Butter Ginger     Chews

Reed’s Peanut Butter Ginger Chews

When I heard I was going to have most likely have to undergo chemo, I did some reading and read what most people do. That I will get super bad nausea and that ginger is great at easing it. So, when one of my nieces suggested I buy some ginger candy while we were at Trader Joe’s. I thought what the heck! I eat ginger when I eat sushi and have cooked with it many times. Well, I had to throw out that piece of ginger candy before I had even had half of it.


So gross and it burned people! It burned!! Thing is, My Nieces and The Boy couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Guess I was too old for it.

Fast forward 2 weeks. I now have a ton of ginger items. I have ginger pills, which I take and that may or may not be helping. See, I am also taking medication for the nausea so who knows what it doing what. I also have some sugared ginger candy that I like. I like the sugar and I like how the ginger fire (much milder than the TJ’s) stays with me for a while. But I can eat a piece or two of it a day. The Boy loves that stuff too. I also have some ginger tea and ginger cookies which are yummy but I can’t be eating cookies all day.

Then one day this week I got a care package from my gal Jaime G. In it was a cool T-Shirt from her band The Mudbugs, some lavender oil and two boxes of ginger candy. More ginger! One of them was the regular kind of candy and the other was Reed’s Peanut Butter Ginger Candy.

First reaction= GROSS! Why would you screw with peanut butter like that?!? Now I love me some peanut butter and have been on a peanut butter kick for a while now. I just could not see why you would ever, ever want mix the two. I called The Boy in and asked him if he wanted to try a piece with me. I told him it was candy and since he is an 8-year-old, he said Ok!

OMG! It was really good! Chewy but not two much. At first you taste the peanut butter flavor and as you continue to chew the ginger “fire” starts coming through. It is not over powerful and though the ginger “fire” stays with you, it is only for a few minutes and won’t ruin your palate for any other foods or drinks you may want. Only bummer is that there is only like 9 pieces in a box and well I had to share with My Man too. Total buzz kill.

If you know anyone who likes ginger candy or is going through chemo, send them some. It’s Yummy! And I like that the box looks like a deck of playing cards! Thanks again Jaime!!