Monday, Monday…

Note to self, do not write that you aren’t feeling well on FB. You will send your mom into a panic. Truth is, I did feel like shit. My head ached, my jaw ached, I have my first mouth sore, my throat was sore and I have this dam cough (caused by the tumor). Although I was able to sleep thanks to some NyQuil, it wasn’t a very restful one. However after gargling with hydrogen peroxide, taking some aspirin, eating, taking a shower, drinking a protein drink (thanks Gerri) and then taking some Mucinex, I feel better. I do want to thank everyone who was worried, it was me just being pitiful. Sorry Mom. :)

My goal today was to go into to the office to do some work. However at 10am I got a call from The Boy’s Camp telling me that he wasn’t feeling all that good. Wonderful. I got him on the phone and he didn’t sound his usual self and the counselor agreed. So off Timber and I went to pick the boy up. We then had some stops to make. My office, Publix, the bank and Petco.

By the time we got home I was sweating something fierce and was ready for lunch and my bed. After eating and resting, Timber and I went out to check on the girls and play some ball. The key to playing ball with Timber is bring 2 balls. I stand in the shade and throw one and he will bring it back, drop it and then I throw the other one. It worked out great and didn’t tire me out. In fact he was the one who called it quits. He is now sitting in front of my desk panting like crazy. Someone got a good work out!

Last night I updated the blog a bit. There is now a page labeled Is There a Hotel Yorba? It tells about the hotel and why I have chosen to name my blog after it. Check it Out! Also, if you have or know someone who has a product/item/book they want someone to review, please send them my way! I would love to do some more reviews one items that my readers want to read about! You can contact me at

I really want to make this blog a place where people can share stories, ideas, products etc. To do that, I need your help! So help a girl out. Cause really, I have cancer….AGAIN! :)

To steal a phrase from one Mr. Christen Grey…..Laters Baby


4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday…

  1. I don’t like the sound of COUGH. I also learned that you had to bring two items for Timber to play with otherwise you do not get a lot of time to play he hogs the toys. Do your Mom a favor don’t over do you know that she does tend to panic. Love you lots lots lots Tell Mr. Mr. I hope that he is feeling better.

  2. Ahhhh the old “overdid it” dealeo… I did try to warn you, silly girl. You really, truly need to take it some easy. you will have more better days if you don’t run full speed when you have them. I do understand, tho. Tell Aidan Gramma hopes he feels better.. and it goes without saying that I hope you do, also. Love ya

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