Have I told you how cool my friends are???

Have I told you how cool my friends are??? I know I have but it goes without saying, I got the best ones. Yesterday we had a friends over to hang out and go swimming. True to course, the weather here in the ALT was kinda shitty so just the kids went swimming. But hey, at least the pool is getting used!

So, I will admit it, I overdid it yesterday. By the time everyone came over around 2pm, I had driven myself to the Farmer’s Market, whipped out the leaf blower and work on the patio/pool area and mopped part of our wood floors. (some cat, (Simon) made a mess with his dirty paws). When everyone came I made a corn and tomato salad with basil, olive oil and lemon juice.

When I took my temperature it was 99. Well my 4 nurses sprang into action! Nurse Rebecca, Amy, Devra and Calanit moved me into the family room, got me water, a wet wash cloth, insisted I put my feet up and not move. This went on all day. I admit, I wasn’t feeling good and it was nice to have friends call me out on it and take care of me. Rebecca even gave me an pedicure. I have not

Rebecca hard at work!

Rebecca hard at work!

So pretty!

So pretty!

How nice is that? I have pretty pink toes! The Boy had a great time with his friends and My Man got some much-needed relaxation time with his friends. The Boy went home with his BF Corey and this morning went to church and the to White Water Atlanta. Afterwards they are heading to Amy’s community pool and will have dinner with them. This is giving me some much-needed rest time since at 4am me and My Man were in the ER. It was a false alarm. I haven’t been sleeping well or in some cases at all, I did too much earlier in the day and a temperature came on. I got as high as 100.5 but what we found out is that our thermometer is about a degree off! While at the ER I never got past 99. We got home around 7:15am and both went back to bed. I am going to be calling the doctor on Monday and will ask for something to help me sleep. This can’t go on.


When I woke at noon my body was killing me. I felt like I had been hot by a truck! My back hurt so bad and my phantom pains where f-ing unreal. Hurt so bad. The only good thing about this is that My Man does not have to give me my shots anymore! Woot!

Whatcha Reading

My friends Aimee sent me this book and I just started reading it. Here I thought I had a rare cancer (sarcoma makes up less that 1% of all cancers). The author’s has a cancer that only .01% of the populations gets. WOW.



I am on chapter 3 and am enjoying it so far. It would be a great book for caregivers to read too.

Shout Outs!

Jennifer S. Thanks for dropping off food for us! I look forward to my soup and pizza. I already started eating the strawberries. Sorry I didn’t come to the door, I wasn’t in the best shape. Glad you got to meet Timber!

Gerri- The soup hit the spot this afternoon! Very Yummy!

All my ladies Yesterday was a lot of fun, even though I overdid it! You guys are the best!!

5 thoughts on “Have I told you how cool my friends are???

  1. Hope you have been able to get some more rest and the back and phantom pains have gone away or at least eased up. Thinking about you ALWAYS. On a lighter note…..your toes look great! :)

  2. Shannon Marie Katherine I hope this is a lesson learned. You do have great friends and they would like you to take care of yourself. Me to. Don’t repeat today tomorrow. Love you lots lots lots

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