Some Highlights from Friday

Some Highlights from Friday

  • Bathed before 1pm today!- I had a conference call for work at 11:30am so I thought I would shower before hand.
  • Wore clothes today!- Again, I thought it would be nice to not wear my PJ’s during the call. I know, how would they know but it was time.
  • Stayed downstairs all day! When it came time for me to rest, I laid on the couch and watched my tivo’d DCI Banks (Side note, GREAT show. Airs on GPB here in the ATL)
  • Had three visitors today. Nice to see Calanit, Gerri and the Elley Family. Gerri, thanks for the soup. Can’t wait to try it! C&K, loved the food! Very Yummy. So nice to see Baby K. Have a great trip! Calanit, thanks for everything you are doing for me and the family.
  • Went out in the world today!- I road with My Man when he went to pick up The Boy from Camp. Started pouring down rain halfway there. Timber and I stayed in the car.
  • Took off all the bandages that were covering my port.- Have mentioned how gross and FREAKY this thing is. Gives me the willies thinking about it.


  • My Doctor called me!- What the what? He said he had been worried about me for the past two days and said what the hell, I’ll call. We talked about how I was feeling, my crazy ass dreams and what is to come. If all goes well, which it will damn it, I may go through SIX cycles of chemo. Oh. Six. Ok…. Shit. No hair for Christmas…
  • I took Timber for a walk!- My Man suggested it and came with me. We didn’t do our usual walk but made it about halfway. It wore me out but it felt good to out there with My Man and Timber. Timber has been by my side since I got home and it was nice to take him out.

Things I learned

  • Everything needs more salt. Now, one of my motto’s in life has been “Salt makes everything better” and it does, it really does. But now, I need it even more! Which is crazy cause IĀ use a lot as it is. My slat taste buds must have been the first to go. :(
  • After talking to Dr. R and my buddy Gerri, this is just the beginning. So far this round of chemo hasn’t been all that bad. But from what they say, I think each one will get harder and the impact on the old bod will be worse. That means I am going to enjoy how I feeling right now (not 100% but not 50%) and prepare myself for the next round. I am going to take them one at a time. That means I might be calling you soon SK!! Get a plan ready for me!

Enjoy you Saturday!!!

7 thoughts on “Some Highlights from Friday

  1. For me, it was supersensitivity to salt…by the end I knew where the Ice Mountain water originate just by the sodium level….now I ask you…how many people can taste the sodium in their bottled water? That is one of the sucky things about getting chemo…you finally start to feel better and they bring you in to do it all over again…and each time the cumulative effects are a bit worse…and you don’t get to feel as well as you did last time…but we are strong, we women. And YOU are very strong.. and when you are beyond this you and I will sit down and swap bald stories and chemo stories because I can guarantee you….there will be some good ones :)
    Love you

  2. Your driveway alone wears me out Shay! kudos to you for that alone. We leave tomorrow for a week. I’ll try to find wifi so I can keep up but I definitely check in with you when we get back. Take care.

  3. Made it home. You know that everyone reacts differently so keep the positive thoughts you have always walked to a different drummer keep walking that way. You are the strongest woman I know love you lots.

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