It is Time to ROCK!

Kiss Kitty!!!

Kiss Kitty!!!

How Cool Is She??!! She is SUPER COOL!!!! Big shout out to Tracy K. When The Boy and I opened the package and saw what it was, we both started yelling. So cool. Plus anything Hello Kitty rocks.

This morning is starting out better than last. I was able to take a nap yesterday and take some NyQuil last night, so I got some rest. Still woke up with an aching jaw and sore throat but the cough, knock on wood, has not been too bad. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but the coughing has nothing to do with a cold or being sick. The doctor thinks it has to with the tumor pushing up against my trachea. So if the cough is bad, the tumor is pushing against it. If is isn’t bad, as in I am not coughing as much, it isn’t pushing up against it. And one reason for it not pushing up against it is that is getting smaller. And that folks is what we want to happen! Keep those fingers and toes crossed!

Going to play it smart today and not go crazy. I do have two placesĀ I would like to go to today both very quick visits. The rest of the day will be me at home working, resting and doing some laundry. I need more PJ pants!

That is all for now. Now Readers, being like Hello Kitty and go out and ROCK!!!

5 thoughts on “It is Time to ROCK!

  1. Hi!
    So glad you guys like Kiss Hello Kitty! Madelyn and I are in Harbor Springs for the week, we all are thinking of you and sending prayers your way!
    Glad you are feeling good, take 1 day at a time! Love your updates and Stay Strong and keep up your wonderful attitude!

    Take care,
    Sending warm thoughts from Harbor Springs!
    – love the picture ! :-)

  2. Please let me know the size and I will hunt for some. Sorry I couldn’t talk but will call later. Did zumba today. Talk to you soon. You sounded better woot woot. Love you lots lots.

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