My Mouth Hurts…

The mouth sores are here! The mouth sores are here! And they are not fun. Yesterday I had to move to the super soft toothbrushes that Jennifer C. sent me a few weeks ago. Thanks again! My gums are pretty sore and the tooth-brush helps. Then there are the sores on the side of my mouth and the top and bottom of my month. Eating has been getting a bit harder. Yesterday morning I made oatmeal thing it would be good since it is soft but it tasted weird. There goes my taste buds. Instead I had a banana. Ugh. This sucks.

Lots of people have told me about toothpaste, mouthwashes and gels that are made for this such thing. One of the two places I went to yesterday was Whole Foods and I asked the sales lady in the Health and Beauty section if they had anything. She showed me PerioWash.

L1030013 L1030019This morning after I brushed my teeth (painful), I took a cap-full of mouthwash and started to swish. Holy Pickles that burned. I swished for 30 seconds and then spit. I then repeated it like it said to. DAMN!! The burn!!!!! After I was done, it was pretty painful for 2 minutes but after that my mouth felt pretty good.  Now let’s see how long it will last.

Hair Update: Today is Day 13 of the Chemo Game and I still have may hair. However, this morning a lot more the normal came out.

My poor hair!

My poor hair!

I texted the picture to My Man and I think tonight is the night. I am going bald. I plan on pulling my hair back into a pony-tail and braid it. My Man will then cut off the pony-tail and then the clippers will come out. I plan on taking pictures of the process but I am not sure if I will post a bald picture. Not sure if I am ready yet but I will post some with scarves.

Ok Readers! Time to find something soft to eat for lunch. Have great day!!

9 thoughts on “My Mouth Hurts…

  1. I received notice that the products for you month have been shipped to you hope that they come before the 8th but if not I will bring. Did you try the toothpaste Richard told me about. I think that cold soups might be better then hot. Dad and I will make the cucumber soup from the cancer recipe book. You fixed your computer? When I get mad I pound the mouse not smooth but I would like to have a mouse that looks like a mouse(need to break mine don’t want to spend the money unless I have to). Love you lots lots lots Momee

  2. I remember the taste bud thing. The only beverage that didn’t taste metallic when I was on chemo was orange crush, so orange crush it was for a year. I didn’t experience the mouth sores-sorry about that! Not fun.

  3. I made you some yummy soup last night that I hope won’t sting and will be good comfy food for you. The recipe says it is good to stay overnight – so I plan on dropping it off tomorrow.

  4. Oh boy…I am sorry about the mouth sores. That is one thing that I didn’t get, but a few of my homies in my support group did. I can’t imagine losing my taste buds AND dealing with the sores. On the hair… I agree with your mom…a close buzz…lets you adjust a bit before the shiny pate appears. That is what I did. Still difficult to do..I cried throughout the entire thing. Robin met me at the wig shop where I had it done (yeh, I wore a wig, but wouldn’t do it again…embrace your inner old man..{remind me to tell you my old man story sometime}) and helped keep me from totally falling apart…then we went out to lunch to give me that public exposure right away… I hate that you are going through this.. love you and thinking of you..

  5. You will look beautiful beautiful! I do like the idea of doing a buzz cut first :).Hope the perio wash continues to help with the mouth sores. Much love!

  6. Lipstick and fabulous earrings make up for no hair! Think of money you save on cuts and color, as well as time washing and drying. I leased a convertible for a while after chemo and my “no more hair maintenance fund” practically paid for a year of the lease! Plus no hair blowing in my face when driving with top down! The trade off for chemo is worth it. Hair grows back. But cancer does not! It’s a no brainer! Mouth sores another story! They do go away! Hang in there! Geri

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