I’ve Got Friends…

Hey Y’all!

I hope you have been having a great day. Here in the ATL is feels like an overcast October day and I love it! The temp is in the low 70’s and it is not that muggy. It would have been nice for some sun but who cares. I woke up bright and early to get The Boy ready for school. After he and My Man left, I did not have to lay in the fetal position due to the nausea for to long today. Woot! Making progress! I was able to come down around 7:30am and do a little work. I wanted to get an early start since I had a “date” with some ladies for lunch. Rebecca was kind enough to come pick me up and we meet Amy and Devra for a quick-lunch at Mirko. It was very yummy and I ate too much. Towards the end I was getting kinda tired and I am very happy Rebecca drove me home (as is everyone driving on Riverside Drive). I was pretty tired afterwards but it was really nice to get out and feel normal. Thanks Ladies!!!!

Ealier this week I think I mentioned a soup my mom had made for me that I loved. It was a Cold Cucumber and Avocado soup from the cookbook I got from my friends Chad & Kristen.


Well, I ate that up in a day and a half and have been wanting to make some more ever since. We still had some of the avocados that my FIL had sent us and they were going bad fast. I decided to go all though them and pick out the good parts to see if I have enough to make the soup. I have enclosed the ingredients and directions for anyone who loves cold soup. I kinda went off the reservation when I made my batch. I didn’t make enough for six (or maybe I did) but I added more avocados, salt, lime, cayenne pepper, etc. to mine. I blended and tasted as I went. I plan on having it for lunch tomorrow!

IMG_2653 IMG_2654 IMG_2655

What am I listening to?

Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra

I am listening to the Feb Rock Mix I made The Boy

The Boys “Rock” playlist

Forest Whitaker-Bad Books
Back Against The Wall-Cage The Elephant
Virgin-Manchester Orchestra
Crawling-Linkin Park
Ball & Biscuit-The White Stripes
I’ve Got Friends-Manchester Orchestra
Son’s Gonna Rise-Citizen Cope & Santana
April Fool- Manchester Orchestra
Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground-The White Stripes
Hotel Yorba-The White Stripes
Shake It Out-Manchester Orchestra
The Hardest Button to Button-The White Stripes

I have listened to it two or three times, while making my soup and writing this post. Gets me   in a rockin’ mood.

Shout Outs-

Jennifer S.- I LOVED the veggie lasagna and salad! That dressing was very yummy and even The Boy ate the lasagna!

Gerri T.- Love me that soup! Going to have some for dinner tonight. Thanks for hanging out a bit. Someday you will have to come to my house when it is clean!

4 thoughts on “I’ve Got Friends…

  1. What happened to the house? I cleaned it, I know and I know there names. Glad your friends took you to lunch they are great friends. What kind of soup did Gerri bring? Did your cucumber,avocado taste better then the recipe? Lots of questions does that surprise you! Love you lots Momee

  2. OMG. I must be ancient and totally void of any pop culture. I have never heard of any of the music or artists you are listing. But I am so glad you had a good day and I can’t wait to try the avocado cucumber soup. Where do you buy aguave nectar? If you like gazpacho, I will bring you some from Robert’s Fruit Stand on Lower Roswell by Ritter’s. It is fab! Geri

    • I got the aguave nectar at TJs. It is in the syrup section. And don’t worry about the music. Most our four friends have no idea who they are either!

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