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Guess where I am today? I am at my first ever Type-A Parent Conference. This actually my first ever blog conference. It is being held at the Westin in Buckhead. I took the back roads to get here (so happy to avoid 285 and 400) and made great time this morning. I checked in around 8:30 and got my first ever “swag bag”. So exciting!

Swag Bag

Swag Bag

The keynote speaker was Amber Naslund and the title of her talk was The Other Side of Courage: Embracing Fear, Taking Risks, the One Truth You Need to Know. I thought his would be a perfect for me, not only when in comes to my blog but my real job too. The talk was great. Things I took from away from it: Don’t be afraid to quit. Don’t blame the world around you if something doesn’t work, take accountability for yourself, your life, your business. Don’t be afraid to take risks. I am the diver of my life. Quit taking everything so seriously. Laugh. Nothing is irreversible but death. Fake it till you make it.



The next talk was How to Build Your Facebook Audience Without Breaking the Rules given by David Griner. I don’t have a Facebook page for My Hotel Yorba yet but I found the talk very interesting. I had no idea how big a deal/business your blog FB pages can be.


The last talk before lunch was titled Selling Yourself- It’s Possible to Do It Without Being That Guy given by Lisa Lehmann and Titania Jordan. Once again, a subject that can help me with my day job as a Financial Advisor. Take aways: Share what you known. Be prepared. Be honest, be real. Share your failures as much as your successes. No one can refer you if they don’t know you. Know your market. Know your strengths. Focus on what you are good at. Stretching yourself way too thin makes you less authentic and less effective.

I met some nice ladies, two from ATL, and got some good ideas. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Guess who is now parking in the garage after 5 years of parking in the driveway?!? My Man! We have finally cleaned out the third garage so we could move the motorcycle, which is in pieces, into it. Woot! Woot!


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  1. Shannon that sounds like an awesome meeting, your Dad will wish he had come. So many things that you already do but interesting things for everyone in business and life. Anxious to read about tomorrow’s. Love you lots, Momee

    PS. Love the swag bag, can’t believe Justin’s car is in the garage it is sooooo clean. Awesome job!

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