Today I took The Boy to see Monsters University at the local dollar ($1.75) theater. We stopped at CVS to grab some candy and got a bottle of water and a small coke (which was actually small) to drink at the theater. The movie was good. I liked the first movie and had actually been looking forward to seeing it. The Boy enjoyed it too. The head dean of the character is kinda gross. Kind of a cross between a cockroach and centipede. ICK!
IMG_3037Two minutes after this was taken, Panny reached our and touched Timber. I thought “They will snuggle now!” But Timber got up moved. I don’t know who was hurt bummed more, Panny or me.

The Girls


It has been almost two weeks since The Girls have moved into their new coop/run. I think they are loving it! The love the hay I put in there and have made a few nests in it under the coop. This where Poopy and Turbo have been laying their eggs…not in the three nesting boxes I had made. Ok, then. Whatever. I have had been going up in each night at dusk to show them that they need to walk up the plank and go inside and roost at night. Well, the last few days at dusk Turbo has marched her sassy little but up the plank and gone on in. There is a reason she is head hen. Then we both start talking to Poppy. You should hear Turbo yell at her. I use a rake to make sure Poppy doesn’t go under the coop and use a soothing  tone to encourage her to walk on up. Tubor just yells. Then after a bit she (Turbo) walks back down and squawks at her more, gets all in her face. Finally I pick Poppy up and put it her in. Pickles. They squawk a bit while they make themselves comfortable and then they sleep! I am hoping that it clicks for Poppy soon.


Reader’s, do you listen to any Podcasts? Do you have any favorites? What are they? I am always looking for new one.  I start my day refreshing my podcasts to see if any have been updated and then listen to them while drinking coffee, checking/updating my e-mail, FB, Quicken and starting my work day. Here is what I am listening to:

NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour

NPR: Fresh Air

60 Minutes

NPR: All Songs Considered

NBC Nightly News ( I end up watching Fox with My Man, so I watch “left” news to make sure I stay in the middle! :) )

NPR: Hourly News Summary

NPR: Books Podcast

Song of the Day

PRI: Arts & Entertainment

School Run French (This is geared for 5 to 10 year olds, so it is right up my alley!)

Live Your Life Now- (I just started it today.

I am always looking for new one, so please let me know which podcasts do you listen too.

Have good evening Reader’s!



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  1. If Turbo goes in Poppy will follow, oh I hope soooo. Ready to go to bed, sounds like a good movie. Have a good day make it all exciting. Love you lots Momee.

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