Product Review Time!!!

Good Day Reader’s!

I recently posted about the website Printstagram and how I was interested in checking our their products. I decided to take the plunge and ordered two items.


First, I ordered a frame with nine of my Instagram photos. We you go in the site, you have to give them permission to access to your pictures. One issue I had, was that I was not able to place the photo’s in the order I wanted them. I would have liked the My Hotel Yorba Star in the middle. I guess if I had to pick a different one to go in the middle, it would have been The Boy looking like Chef, Richard Blais. I also would have changed the placement of The Kids. The other thing I noticed is that they cut a bit of the borders lining the photographs on the edges off. I know, not a big deal but I but I picked the framing for each picture for a reason and would have like it to show through. But over all I was very happy with my picture and it is now hanging in our master bathroom. I will probably order from them again, maybe just two or four pictures.

Note Cards

Note Cards

My other purchase was 36 notes cards for $25.00. What a deal! I am very happy with this purchase. You are able to go and pick the picture you want to use and how many you would like of it. So, some pictures I ordered four cards of, some two and some three.  It doesn’t matter as long as you ended up with 36 total. The cards are a cute size, perfect for a little not to say Hi!, and the envelopes are self sealing. No licking! I will defiantly order more cards in the future and am even thinking about Christmas Gifts! Custom note cards for only $25.00! What a bargain.



*I got nothing from anyone, anywhere for writing this review. All thoughts are mine and mine alone.

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  1. A suggestion for Christmas gift pictures are always great. Going start ny errands if I can get the hair dried, hate blow drying all the curl goes somewhere but not where I would like it. Talk later love you lots Momee. PS you sounded great last night.

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