Two Hours Later…

Morning Reader’s!

Today is the day I go see Dr. P. about getting the little f@$ker out of my chest. I wouldn’t say that I am nervous about the appointment, I know the tumor has been shrinking and I have to believe that this appointment will not be a rehash of the last one. That being said, I am not my normal self this morning. I am sure I will feel better once the appointment is over and a plan is in place.

Later in the day….

OMG. OMG. What a day. My appointment was at 11:15am. My Man and I got there at 11am because they always say to get there 10 to 15 minutes early to sign in. So we did that and sat down to wait. Two hours LATER. Yes, two hours later!! We were still waiting. At this point, we were worried. The Boy gets dropped off from school at 2:55 and we needed to leave the hospital by 2:00 or 2:05. You never know what the traffic in Atlanta is going to be like and now it is after 1:15pm and we are still in the waiting room. Dr. P. didn’t even show up till after 12:30!! Where the hell was he? No idea. Anyway, we got in at 1:20pm and he came in at 1:38. I was watching that clock like a hawk. He was overly nice to us. Good. Anyway…

My surgery is set for November 6th. I go in for pre-op on the 5th. They will take blood, give me an EKG and another CT Scan. I will have a Thoracoscopy. The surgery will take 1-2 hours. It will include three small incisions on my right side. I will have a chest tube put in for ¬†drainage. If all goes well, I will be out of the hospital the next day. Total recovery is 2 to 4 weeks. Now, we want the tumor to be dead. Dead as a doornail. If it isn’t dead, there is a chance I will have to have more chemo.¬†I am glad to have a date on the books. I am ready to get this all over and move on with my life.

5 thoughts on “Two Hours Later…

  1. I would send the dr a bill for my time!
    I know you and I know you want to move on. I hate it for you, for the man and especially foe the boy! I hope this holiday season brings a lot of thankfulness (that its dead) and joy (that you can move on! )

  2. So glad to hear it is the scope thing vs a nasty thorachotomy! I am hoping Doc P was late because he was being very careful and precise in surgery! We are praying for a dead tumor and a quick recovery! I think the most the docs are billing to say is the tumor “more than 99% necrotic” and that is as good as dead!

  3. Glad you have a date and it isn’t too far out. I have had a lot of conversation with the Big Guy in the sky over these last months and I will have many more in the next week. Love to all of you

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