Protein+ Healthy Fat+ Veggie (fruit)

Hello Reader’s!

After today, I only have one more treatment to go! I am so excited. I won’t have to go back to Dr. Higgins for eight weeks!! Eight Weeks!! So excited. Now, doesn’t mean I won’t have to go back and see Dr. Read but he is at a different hospital and I am going to wait till they call me. I have no idea when I will my port will be taken out. I am guessing not until after I see Dr. Higgins. I really don’t mind. It isn’t sore anymore and even though I when I think about it, it freaks me out, I just don’t care.


One of the things My Man gave me for Christmas was a series of meetings with a registered dietitian at my gym. I went to my first meeting with Alyssa on Sunday. Alyssa had sent me a three page form to fill out that asked me about everything. What I ate, how much sleep do I get, what is my stress level, what supplements am I taking, what is my food weakness (carbs) etc. She was really easy to talk to and we got along really well. Turns out they suggest to use MyFitnessPal, so I was already ahead! Here are a few take-aways from my first meeting.

  • Healthy Meal Equation: Protein+ Healthy Fat+ Veggie (fruit)
  • Breakfast options (based off of what I already eat):  coffee with stevia, soft-boiled egg, turkey bacon, clementine, handful of almonds or coffee, full fat greek yogurt or  almonds, clementine, egg omelette/scramble with spinach, peppers, avocado (coconut oil)
  • Water intake: 80oz/day
  • Incorporate “me” time everyday: reading, yoga, watching Breaking Bad, listening to music
  • Dry Sauna: 10min at a time 2x/week
  • Track on MyFitnessPal!!!
  • Note any GI distress after meals and note energy levels

She told me not to worry too much the calorie intake but to keep tracking what I eat and to focus on the Protein+ Healthy Fat+ Veggie (fruit). Next week we will talk about protein sources.

I am back to working out with Sara Kate two times a week. Tomorrow I am working out with her and two other women. She thinks that we would all be a good fit. I am very excited. Not only will it be cool to workout with other women, it will save me money!

How is your Monday? Did you know they say it may snow here in the ATL? Pickles!


3 thoughts on “Protein+ Healthy Fat+ Veggie (fruit)

  1. I totally dig the “me time”! My partially full with “spring cleaning” my daily chores and making more me time. The universe must be telling us something because I also found and posted this article,, which I found very fitting.

    Congrats on your progress!

    • Thank you! I can’t wait till Wednesday. I can’t wait to just get up and go to work and not have to stop at 10:30am to leave for the hospital! It really is the little things!

  2. Yea!It will be over tomorrow, I will probably hear you ringing the bell after your treatment. Thank you Hamers for letting us stay at Hotel Yorba. Live you lots,lots,lots Momee

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