No Sleep till…..Pickles, I am still awake.

Reader’s, I am tired. I was so tired last night but I had the hardest time falling asleep. I hate when that happens. I was awake when My Man came to bed and I was awake at 2am. I think Timber was having the same problem because I could hear him walking around the room and upstairs. Later when i looked at my sleeping pattern on my FitBit report and it showed that I did sleep but that it was very restless. All I want to do is get back in bed and sleep. No such luck for me this Monday Morning.



Poor Wichita State. They played so good all game but were not able to score the last 3 pointer they needed to win yesterday. I am totally bummed out. Thankfully I have my #1 favorite team, Michigan State, to chest on. They are a heavy favorite to make it to the final four. Go Sparty!

Getting Better?

I have been going to my therapy for about three weeks now. They are working on my pulmonary issues but also my scar tissue issues around my left should blade and right side. If you were to ask me if the scar tissue issue was getting any better last weekend, I would have said yes. But right now? Uh no. My shoulder is back to hurting me and as are my ribs on the right side. Ugh. Not good. I fell asleep sitting up on the couch on Sunday morning and woke up in major pain.

As for my breathing I guess it is getting better. It is kinda of hard to tell. I have a thing to exhale into that measures my breath. It goes up to 4000. I can only get it up to 2000. Every so often I can get up to 2500 but I am coughing by the end. My Man does it and he can get all the way to 4000! I guess it will just take time.

The sun is out today in the ATL. I hope the sun is out where you are! Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Keep practicing you will make the numbers and remember you have had a lot of scar tissues with those two operations. Dad is still down hope he gets better soon. Sorry about your not sleeping when you don’t sleep your brain thinks to much.

    Go Michigan State!

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