Chicken-Butt Feathers….

Happy Thursday Reader’s!

One more day till Friday! I am going to see my radiologist bright and early tomorrow for a check up. I have had a few requests for pictures of my hair. I am not to happy with it right now. It growing out very crazy like. My Man says the back looks like chicken-butt feathers and I have to agree. I am still wearing a hat or scarf when I go out. The weather has been so crazy here that my head still gets cold easily. Plus the color! Ugh. I miss my blonde highlights. I think it is still too short for highlights but I am thinking about doing an overall color change. What do you think?



Chicken Butt feathers

Chicken Butt feathers

7 thoughts on “Chicken-Butt Feathers….

  1. Chicken butt feathers beat old lady perm gone bad, which is what mine looked like…and I have to say, I spent a good deal of time getting that look back in the early ’60’s ;)

  2. I love it and the blonde tips, let it go for a while. We had the quickest visit , both of us are exhausted and I did not drive. You know if you asked a chicken they probably like chicken butt feathers, just saying. Keep us up to date on the hair, you are beautiful as always.

  3. I agree with your mom…let it go for awhile.. I didn’t say it in my first post because I am your MIL. But since your mom said it first. :)

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