Oh Pollen….How I hate you…..

Good Day Readers! 

Spring has sprung and so have my sinus headaches! Ugh. I am a mess. The pressure around my nose and eyes is killing me.  It poured down rain yesterday. You would think that the rain would have helped but it didn’t. As soon as the rain washed it away, more came.

So gross.

So gross.

Pollen after a day of pouring rain.

Pollen after a day of pouring rain.

Turbo…She is a mess

Poor Turbo! On Saturday I notice she had some black goo on her face, comb and neck. I was able to touch it and it is sticky. I tried to wipe it off with a wet wash cloth but it would not come off. She does not seem to be in pain but it looks terrible and I would love to help her get rid of it.

Black stuff on Turbo.

Black stuff on Turbo.

IMG_3849 IMG_3845

Panny, Simon and Timber

The three fur kids inside Hotel Yorba are all doing well. Timber has been going into work with me. He loves to ride in the car and go on walks at the office. His official position at the office is guard dog. He does a good job. Whenever anyone knocks on the door, Timber lets the person behind the door know that there will be no messing with us inside.


Don't mind me...

Don’t mind me…

Panny and Simon are doing well. They can’t wait till the pollen is all gone so they can spend more time out on the screened in porch.




This morning when I went out to let The Girls out of their coop I noticed that something had dug in my spinach and arugula planter. What? I am guessing that it is a chipmunk or squirrel eating up my lettuces. I am not sure how to stop it from happening again. Ideas?

And then there is my hair…

My hair is a mess. The color still has the red tint to it. I have been washing it hoping it will fade. Over the last few days it has gotten curler and curler. I have no idea what is going on with it. I am just waiting and waiting and waiting for it to grow out. Pickles.





The Boy is on Spring Break this week. He is going to camp at LifeTime and is having a great time. Tomorrow night we are heading to a Braves game. My Man was able to get free tickets for his companies box at Turner Field. They will be playing the Mets. Should be a fun time!

Are you on your Spring Break? Did you go anywhere? Or have a Staycation? 

5 thoughts on “Oh Pollen….How I hate you…..

  1. I like your hair but it will probably go straight, I remember Pat said hers was curly as it grew out hang in there. We also have pollen everything has that ugly yellow cast, I

  2. Unfortunately my finger hit my reply before I was finished so never mine have fun watching the ball game. Love you lots, lots,lots Momee

  3. The curls usually will relax some as it gets longer..actually the weight of it pulls it down. At its current length it just looks ratty if I let it go natural. The red won’t go away on its own. I would suggest getting an ash blonde, but that might turn greenish… Time for the salon? The only spring break I have is the easier drive to work because every one else is enjoying theirs. Anyway..the hair looks cite, the pollen looks crappy and Turbo needs to stop messing with the mascara.

  4. I also have terrible sinus allergy problems at various times of the year. Recently I became aware of a probiotic (I have been ingesting probiotics for many, many years) which has a different combination blend of good bacteria for allergy problems and it has helped tremendously. I found one product at CVS, but probably a similar one with the correct combination of bacteria can be found at other stores–Whole Foods for example. The combination is Bifidobacterium bifidum; Bifidobacterium longum; Lactobacillus acidophilus; Lactobacillus rhamnosus; and Lactobacillus gasser. I take several every day. Your gut needs many good bacteria every day–I hope this helps.

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