They are coming!!!!



Happy Friday Reader’s!

How are we this Friday? I am doing well. After the boys got off to work and school, I got ready and went to the gym to work out with SK. I signed up for a 10,000 steps per day challenge that Lifetime Fitness and Fitbit are doing. It started on Sunday and so far I have been able to achieve my 10,000 steps per day. The challenge is for 30 days. I sure hope I can make it!

The Girls are almost here!

Reader’s, tomorrow we will be driving up to Glass Pound Farm to pick up our two new hens! I am so excited! I really hope that they are sweet and get along with Turbo and Poppy. Fingers are crossed! Here is a reminder of the type of hens we are getting.

Barred Rock Hen

Barred Rock Hen

Black Astralorpe

Black Astralorpe

I will take pictures and post them later this weekend. I will also reveal their names!


Lens Cup

Lens Cup

Yesterday I got a box in the mail from Amazon. I didn’t remember ordering anything so I was a bit stumped. Inside was a lens cup and that was all. No receipt. No card. I did not order the cup. My Man did not order it. I have NO idea who ordered it. But I really like it!! So whoever gave it to me, thank you! And please let me know who you are.

Sometimes I Forget…

This morning I was in Target (looking so fresh in my workout clothes…NOT) buying Easter candy and treats for the two baskets I am making. A young man who worked there asked me if my foot was ok. I guess I was limping more than usual. I was like no, not really getting it. He said it looked like I hurt it and then I remembered! I told him not to worry, it wasn’t real (he took that like a pro). Yeah, I forgot for a second. I know, how can you forget something like not having a real left foot!  Pickles!

Can't stop eating them!

Can’t stop eating them!

Shout Out!

Uncle Roone- My uncle started his first chemo treatment this weekend up in Indianapolis, In. So far he said he had not gotten sick yet and I sure hope he doesn’t. Fingers are crossed!

Who doesn't Love a Picture of Sweet Panny!

Who doesn’t Love a Picture of Sweet Panny!

I wish you all a Happy Easter! and Happy Passover! Be good and Be safe!


3 thoughts on “They are coming!!!!

  1. I wanted to mention also that I think your breed choices are excellent. Back in the day when Joan and I were country gentry and raised chickens, we had several of both of those breeds. I was particularly fond of the Barred Rocks. (One day I’ll share an amazing story about one of our hens.)

  2. The yard looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see your new girls…love the looks of both breeds. Hope you all have a great Easter.

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