Crazy, Sexy, Cancer

Reader’s! How are ya?!

The other day I was talking to my friend, Judi, and she remind me of a book I had been given last summer when I started chemo treatments. The book is called Crazy, Sexy, Cancer by Kris Carr. Kris kicks ass. She was diagnosed with a type of sarcoma that has no treatment and no cure. She has about 24 tumors in her liver and lungs. She was diagnosed on Valentines Day 2003. Yes, 2003. And yes, she is alive and well.


Kris also made a documentary about her cancer journey also called Crazy, Sexy, Cancer that Judi told me about. That night I went on iTunes and downloaded the movie to watch. It was so good. First of all she did a great job. Second it is an uplifting documentary. I totally suggest you take a look at it ( I am talking to you my Sarcoma Girls and Mom and Dad). I think you will all get a lot out of it. Sure, I shed some tears but hell, I do that for a good Hallmark commercial! I could really relate to what she went/goes through. There are parts where she is getting her CT scans, the doctors visit, the panic you go through when driving up to the hospital, they “why me” questions, the anger, the “how and when did this happen”, the “what can I do” questions. It is so real. If you have been diagnosed or know anyone who has been (which means all of you!) you need to check it out.



One thing that Kris does is juice everyday. Everyday. I am in the process of reading her section on juicing right now and thought I would give it a try. I am hoping to do it (juicing/smoothie) 3 to 4 days a week. I would love to do 7 days but I need to start with a goal I may actually meet. This morning I juiced the following: 3 handfuls of Kale, 1/2 of a Cucumber, two organic apples and 1/3 of a lemons juice. It wasn’t bad. I think tomorrow I will add more lemon juice. I ordered a vegan cook box that Kris and Chef Chad Sarno wrote called Crazy, Sexy, Kitchen. I should get it on the 13th…My Birthday! I will let you know what I think.

I have more I want to write…Whatcha Reading? But I have to go take my shower and get my butt into the office. Hopefully I will have some time this weekend. Enjoy your Friday!!

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  1. You threw out a good hook. I am curious. Intrigued inspired to read /view it tonight. If only the juice came mixed in a can. Gotta figure that piece out. From one of your Sarcoma Girls-thanks.

    • Geri- I really think you will like it. I watched it Wednesday night and have felt really good emotionally for the past two days. Even the doctors can’t tell you what to do it is nice that someone has found somethings that they find work for them and share it with the world! let me know what you think!

  2. Great post, and timely, too (as you know). I’ll check out the book while sitting on my butt with a needle in the back of my hand today. Reading Russell Simmons’ book on meditation; the writing is kind of sophomoric but I expected that. However, meditation is something I want to incorporate into my life so maybe a bit of prose from a hip-hop mogul will get me rocking’. BTW: juicing or using a high-speed blender? We’re experimenting with the blender thing, too. I just wish kale and spinach weren’t green!

    • Let me know what you thing Roone. I don’t know how long your treatment is but if you have a time, watch the movie too. It is really good, plus she is super cute too! I have both a juicer and blender. My Man bought me a juicer a while back because I love fresh orange juice. My old blender died so I got a Ninja. I love it! It works great and isn’t as $$$$ as some of the higher powered ones out there.

  3. I will try to find this documentary as I’m not into I Tunes. I have found so many things about cancer but also amputees. As a parent who child has gone through so much you need to be educated but also amputees. As a parent who’s child has gone through so much you need to be educated. You are my hero! Love you lots,lots lots Momee

  4. My kindle is having issues this morning so excuse the messed up sentences or it could be the operator no it’s the Kindle.

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