Round 1 Chemo post

Readers, I slept in today till 8:30am. I mean what the hell right? I was going to have a busy day today anyway. I did a little work, spoke to a client about new  a job offer she got and around 11am my parter in crime, Rebecca, showed up.  We made great time and got to the hospital around 11:30am. I was hopping since I was there so early, that I could get the show on the road so that we weren’t at the hospital all day. HA!


First they accessed my port. I have a duel one so they have to do it twice. The needle looks like a long push-pin needle. It doesn’t hurt that bad if you have a good RN doing it for you.


Look at all the stuff they use! And that is just half of it.




Boob shot

After that was taken care of we went back to the lobby and to another set of elevators to take us the 4th for my Echo Cardio Gram. I have never had one of these done before and had no idea what to expect. Basically it is an ultra sound for your heart. My appointment was at 12:45 and we got there in plenty of time. However I did not get in till 1:15pm and chemo was to start at 1:30! I hate to be late!


The test took about 30 minutes and it was pretty cool to see my heart up on the screen doing its thing. It looked good to me, pumping away but what do I know about hearts. Not. A. Thing.

We made it to chemo at 1:45pm to find out that when they accessed my port, they should have taken blood. Instead I had it taken late and now we would have to wait an hour to get the results back! Son of a Pickle!

Got my port all fancy!

Got my port all fancy!


After the RN took blood Rebecca and I took a walk outside, went into the cafe to get a drink and snack and then sat in the lobby to people watch.

My snack

My snack

At 2:45pm we walked right into the fusion center looking like we were at a restaurant waiting for someone to set us at our table! Soon they found me a chair that had its own tv. Nice. Rebecca and I watched HGTV.


Chemo is more fun with friends!


We were next to a woman who was not feeling well at all and had a 103 temperature and the chills. Poor thing. We felt so bad for her. I think she was going to have to be checked into the hospital. She and her husband were watching the World Cup on their TV. I was the youngest one in there by far. After 30 minutes of premeds and a 30 minute break, the chemo began. Rebecca was really into everything and asked all kinds of good questions.

Red Devil

Red Devil

About a minute into the chemo she was like “It’s RED!”. Oh no! I have heard of the chemo that is red. My friend Gerri had it and they call it the RED DEVIL. NOT GOOD. I sure as hell hope it won’t make me as sick as her or lose my hair all over again. Sweet Pickles!

The chemo ran about an hour and then we were all done. It was 5:30pm. Though I hated that we had to wait an extra hour (never agin will that mistake be made) it wasn’t all that bad. I credit this to Rebecca being there. She was able to come into all the rooms with me and watched all what I had to go through. She was really into it. Asking a lot of questions and keeping me company. I am really glad she came. THANK YOU REBECCA!

I will be going back in three weeks for round 2. I hope in a couple of weeks I start to feel the pain in my ribs ease off a bit. That is all I ask. Shrink a little LT. You can do it!

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  1. That little red devil worked for me and it will do the trick for you too. If you run into Marva, Joan and Karen (head nurse in infusion center) please give the a hug from me. They made me feel safe and sane for many, many months of a vey long year. See you when I a back. Geri

  2. I had the red shit too. Take your anti-nausea meds and keep the fluids going. … Sounds like you and Rebecca had quite the adventure today… Love

  3. Thank you Rebecca for being with Shay Shay. You can do this with flying colors. Take anything that helps you from being sick Dr.Read has the answers. Sorry we were on vacation. Love you lots,lots,lots Momee

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