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Readers! What weekend I had! It started out on Friday with my Facebook exploding with photo’s of some of you wearing Warrior Team Shay T-shirts and a video to go along with it. WOW! I was in shock, awe and tears! Lots of tears. You guys are the best! A big shout out to Calanit H., who brought you all together, Jaime G., for creating the video and Brad & Angie H. for making the T-shirts and bracelets. It really means a lot to me and my family, I can’t even begin to tell you. Y’all are super crazy and I love it.

Booty Swag!

Booty Swag!

On Friday my dad and I went and picked up our swag bags from Peachtree Bikes for 24 Hours of Booty!! Since I had so many generous people in my life, I ended up reaching the $3,000.00 donation designation. I got an awesome biking jersey and 24 Hours of Booty Jacket. I think my dad was a bit green with envy. The people at registration were super nice. I ended up showing them my video that was made and they put it on the Booty Website! How cool is that! Friday was a rainy day but the weather forecast was saying that Saturday and Sunday would be ok.

Team Hotel Yorba

Team Hotel Yorba

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Our tent in Bootyville!

Our tent in Bootyville!


Teammate Allan

We got to Bootyville around 10:45am and found that many people had already put upĀ their tents and were chilling out. The tent I ended up getting was pretty damn big. I mean, we could have hosted and family of three in the damn thing. I give us (my dad and My Man did 99%) a A- when it comes to putting it together. I think out little homestead was super nice…when the sun was out and the wind wasn’t blowing our tent over. The ride started at 2pm. The sun was out but the wind was out too. Very windy and chilly.


Allan and I waiting for the ride to begin.


Dad and I are ready!

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We are off!


My Dad

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My goal was to ride one lap. I didn’t think it would be a big issue till a few days before the ride aka less than a week after chemo. Ugh. Can’t breath. Walking up the stairs, to the bathroom, ANY WHERE and had meĀ almost gasping for breath. That and my left leg was acting up. It was swelling and since it is stuck inside my prosthetic there is no where for it to go. It hurts people, really hurts. Burns. Well, that was happening the day of the ride up until the start. I was very worried. My parents and My Man were telling me I didn’t have to ride but I really wanted to. I wanted to prove it to myself that I was stronger than cancer and my disability. That neither of them were going to stop me. I started off pretty good. We hit a small hill and a sharp right turn right away. There were some nice down hills in the beginning too. My leg stopped hurting once I started biking. Yeah! My breathing…not to much. It was hard to breath but the down hills seemed to be placed at the perfect time for me to recover. We came to a right turn by the Library and I thought we were almost done. I was like “Yeah! I will do another lap. No problem.” Then they made us turn left. “No! I want to go straight!” The left turn was into a very hilly neighborhood that had three areas of cobblestones. Cobblestone! What is this, the Tour de France? It was tough for this rider. My two fellow teammates, who did not leave my side the entire time, kept asking me was I ok. What was it? The heavy breathing? The fact that my bike was barely moving and I was ready to fall over, that concerned them. I told them I was ok and that I would not stop. And I didn’t. I did not stop and soon we made our way to the finish line. I had done it! I finished a lap and I got off that bike, sat down and did not move for 30 minutes. I think it took that long to get my breathing back to normal.

I did it!

I did it!

Throughout the day some friends came out to visit. It was so nice for them to show up and support Team Hotel Yorba! Thank you!






I ended up winning the Rookie of the Year award! Wait What? Yes! Because of my wonderful friends and family I raised $3,100.00 and won award. How cool is that?

Rookie of the Year!

Rookie of the Year!

The weekend was great. The weather was cold. My Man, The Boy and I slept in our tent Saturday night and almost froze our asses off. It was so cold. My mom and dad did the smart thing I drove back to our place but The Boy wanted to stay, so we stayed. Next year if it is that cold we are not staying. Looking back on it, I should have gone home. Not the smartest thing for a girl under going chemo to do.

We are already planning on next years ride and fundraising. We want to be the number one team next year in fundraising. The top teams this year aren’t even from the ATL! What? What? That can’t happen next year. So, if you want to join our team let me know. I will be registering for the ride soon and will set up our team. I think we are changing the name to Team Shay Warriors. What do you think?

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