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Readers! It was chilly in the ATL this morning. I am in charge of dropping off The Boy to school for the week. My Man has to be downtown by am for a work function. it was pretty dark out too. It always feels strange to drop off your son at school in the dark.


After I posted my last post I realized I forgot some information. I will blame it on chemo brain. First of all, Team Hotel Yorba! It was made up of My Dad, my friend Alan V. and Me. As I told you yesterday, I rode 3 miles. My dad rode 30 miles and Alan V. knocked it out of the park by riding 101 miles!! Wait? What? Yes people 101 miles. He was a rock star. I am hoping we can count on him for next years team.

Those I ride for!

Those I ride for!

I have already signed up for the 2015 24 Hours of Booty and set up a Team page. This year we will be called Team Shay Warriors. I┬ástarted a Team Shay Warriors Facebook page so make sure you do check it out and like us. I will be posting about fundraising for 2015 24 Hours of Booty. I also want to post positive cancer related stories, ideas, suggestions etc. I want it to be a happy place where people can go and smile. If you come across any story, organization, group etc., that would fit on our page, let me know. I will also take cute cat pictures because who doesn’t love those.

I am feeling pretty good. I think my pain has eased off (hard to tell when you are taking pain meds). I am not taking as many pain pills as before. Does that mean the tumors are shrinking? The one on my back still seems to be the same size…I think, it is hard to tell. My breathing is betting better. I still get short of breath but the weezing has gone away. My cough has also all but disappeared. The main thing I am dealing with now, is my mouth. It is killing me. Brushing my teeth (even with my super awesome soft toothbrushes from Jennifer C.) hurts like hell. I am not sure if I am doing all that great of a job. My gums are so┬ásore so eating is tough too. It should only last a few more days (I hope) if memory serves me right.

I know that many of you have donated to my 2014 ride and I do not expect you to donate to my 2015 ride till 2015 (please!) but I wanted to put my page link out there. Remember, it’s a tax right off! My personal 24 Hours of Booty page. If you know of any organizations that donate money for charitable organizations, please let me know. I know my company and My Man’s company match donations. I hope you all had a great Tuesday.It was supposed to rain here in the ATL but the sun is still shinning.

Be Safe and Be Good Readers!!

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  1. Dad wrote you about signing up did you get it? I will contribute after the first of the year because I have Christmas Web brain but also brain farts. Who knows what is going on up there.
    What a warrior you are, glad to hear you feel better sorry about your mouth. Thank goodness they make yogurt.
    Love you lots,lots,lots Momee

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