Opps…Got that wrong.

Oh Readers, I made a boo boo. Or I was just misinformed. Or I wasn’t paying attention. I called my doctor’s office today to get an update on my blood work. First of all, it turns out that I should have stayed and waited for the results and go over them with the nurse. Opps. No one told me that. Turns out everything looks ok. My white blood count was a bit low but not low enough that I need a blood transfusion. That is good news. But then she tells me my chemo is next week! The 13th!! Wait?! What?! I was under the impression that I would get three weeks off. She said Dr. D. wanted me to check into the hospital on Monday. Wait?! What?! I thought we were going to try out-patient. Help!  As you know, I  wanted, needed, it to be out-patient. The Boy did not do well with me being gone and him not being able to come into my room and spend time with me. FaceTime is great and all but it does not compare to actually being there with him. So I asked the nurse to ask Dr. D. about the out-patient plan.


And she said yes! I will have to go in for 7 days straight for a 3 hour chemo treatment. It will be a long week but I will be able to sleep in my bed and pee in my bathroom and not have to write it down every time I go. Both HUGE things. I will be hooked up to fluids and medicine via my port while I am not getting my chemo treatment. What does that mean? I will carry a little purse thing that will be hooked up to an IV that will run to port (I will post pictures). That means no showers. Stinky! Sponge baths for me for the week.


No baths for me!

I look forward to telling Dr. D. how I am feeling, especially about how my pain has gone down. I still have pain but I am not taking as many pain killers throughout the day and that makes me very happy. I am sleeping better, not having as many night sweats and not having to take naps during the day. Now, I am guessing when chemo starts back up, all that will go out the window but I am enjoying it now!

Tomorrow is Friday! Yeah! We love our Friday’s here at Hotel Yorba. I hope you all have a great one and a nice weekend. Be good. Be safe.

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  1. Yay!! Outpatient! It will be a long week, but way better than being stuck in hospital. Happy for you but especially happy for The Boy, also.

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