Say hello to my little friend…

My little friend...

My little friend…

So I made through day One of seven Readers…and I feel fine! We head to the doctor around 10:30. My blood work cam back loping good. White blood cells up since my camping trip with the 30 degrees at night during 24 Hours of Booty. Told the doctor about and totally threw The Boy under the bus saying he insisted we stay. What a good mom I am. The Boy had to come with us since he is on Fall break and does not go back to school till Wednesday. What a way to spend your break!

The Boy an Me

The Boy an Me

Dr.D seemed very happy with how I was feeling, my blood work and the fact my pain had lesson. After this treatment is over on Sunday, will go in on Monday to get “MLF” taken off and then later in the week more blood will be drawn. I will have a CT scan on the 27th and go in and see her on the 31st. I feel good about this treatment so far. More so then the trail I was undergoing. Last year, when I was on this treatment, my coughing went down after the first round. I didn’t have a bad cough but what I had has lesson and Dr. D. heard less wezzing in my lungs. Plus, the pain had tone down makes me feel optimistic. I try to not too lingering on this feeling. I want to be very cautious going forward one.

Day 2- Like this morning I had a coughing fit, just out of the blue, no warning. So who know what is going on with me. Sleeping with “MLF” wasn’t to bad at all. I just took him off and laid him next to me. I did have to wake up and the middle of the night to pee but more than in the hospital.

My Boys one is reading the Hardy Boys book.

My Boys one is reading the Hardy Boys book.

Three hours later…I am tired and have had two more coughing fits. I was going to drop off the boy to Math tutor because I wanted to talk to her but I can’t because I am not doing well at all. I have a powerful cough medicate that will knock me out and I think that is what I will have have.My temp is a 99. Pickles!

It counties to rain here in ATL. Hope our friends out west are safe and sound. May you all have a peaceful evening.

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