What’s Next?

I encourage everyone to continue to follow this blog. I won’t be as prolific as Shay was. But, we will be keeping Shay’s memory alive and honoring her spirit in different ways (the 24 hours of booty ride, for instance.) This is where I will share that information in the future.
I’ll also use this blog to share information about the journey that Aidan and I are going to take together. Some of that stuff will be personal. Some of it will be of a more practical nature. I’ll tell you what happens when you need to shop at the cemetery and how to cancel a lease car for a deceased spouse. Stuff like that. I am blessed to have so many amazing friends and family to support me. My hope is that maybe someone who isn’t so fortunate¬†will discover the blog when they need it and find that information helpful.


7 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Justin, I am glad to hear your are going to continue to blog. I did fear losing touch with your lives, and I so want to stay connected. And help in any way I can. Yay!

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