A Year?!?!?!

Morning Reader’s!

I hope you have been having a good weekend so far. Mine is just really beginning. I had a rare Saturday appointment that went on for about three hours and then we all went out to lunch. It was really nice to see my clients and catch up on what all gads been going on with them. When I got back home around 2:30pm I got on my laptop and did more work. Things have been busy since I am back to working full-time. I am trying to play catch up. Not fun but it has to be done. My Man took care of dinner and then he and I watch the first episode of the last season of Breaking Bad. So good! It was fun being able to watch it with him. Maybe we will tackle another episode later today.


Carried with me in my pocket. Thanks Heidi!

Carried with me in my pocket. Thanks Heidi!

On Friday morning I woke up super early and got myself all ready. My Man and I headed down to Emory Hospital after dropping off The Boy to school. I went in for a chest, pelvic and abdomen CT scan, blood work and a vista with Dr. Read. I am happy to say the my scan looked great. He said you couldn’t even tell where the tumor was. I have a little burn on my lung from the radiation but it should clear up soon.

He did ask that I find a place to participate in Pulmonary Rehabilitation therapy. He wants to be proactive and do everything that can be done to get my lungs back into¬†tip-top shape. Since…well, who knows if this is my last time at the rodeo. When we got back home I did some searching and was able to find a place near where I live. I go in for a consultation on Wednesday and my first “workout” on Friday, right after my workout with SK! I will be wiped out by the end of the day.

My Man then asked Dr. Read when my port would be taken out. His reply “I like to keep them in for at least a year.”

A YEAR????? —- That was my reply. He said he doesn’t like to test fate. Oh Pickles. Looks like me and porty will be spending more quality time with each other.

Later that night My Man and I put on some music and did some cooking. Don’t you love the my initials in onions? He is so sweet to me!

It must be love.

It must be love.

I hadn’t slept well the night before (nervous about my appointment) and I ended up passing out before Grimm even started. I was beat! This coming week is another busy one.Tomorrow I will be heading up to Northern Georgia for three appointments with longtime clients. It should be a good day.

Shout Out!

Jerry (Uncle Roone to me) G.- My uncle was recently diagnosed with the crappy c-word. At this point he is not sure what his course of action will be but I just want him to know that everyone her at My Hotel Yorba is thinking of him. Stay strong and positive Uncle Roone! It will suck. It will scare the shit out of you. It will be painful. It IS beatable.

Reader’s the sun is out here and it should get up into the 70’s today! Hope it is as beautiful wherever you are! Be Good! Be Safe!

5 thoughts on “A Year?!?!?!

  1. Yes Your Man does love you and he is loved at this house. I was glad to hear that Dr. Read is very proactive and aggressive in his treatment. He is a fighter for his patients what a great one to have as a doctor.
    The sun is out in Mountain Brook need to go pick more of my daffodils. Have a super day and get out in the sun with Timber and enjoy this weather there rumors it will be cold here Alabama. I hope that it skips over Georgia.

  2. A year?? Booooo:( dang it anyway…better in and NOT in use than out and needed!! Only 4 more zaps for me…yeah me!! If uncle roone can channel your kickass spirt, he’s got this…best wishes to him from me:)

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