I just can’t catch a break…

Oh Reader’s!

Sweet Son of a Pickle! Today’s appointment did not go the way My Man and I had thought it would. The stupid little tumor is back!

However,¬†there is some good news. The tumor is in a different place then the last one. In fact it is most likely the cause of my rib pain. It is smaller than the last one, so it doesn’t seem to be growing as fast. Dr. Read has suggested and we have agreed with him, to try a newish drug called Pazopanib that I will take four times a day. During the clinical trails it was found that it worked best on my type of sarcoma :). It is a very $$$ drug but I just found out that my insurance company ok’d it and I should have it sometime next week.

The drug will hopefully stop the tumor from growing. That is the first goal and if that is all that happens then I am a winner and I will take it for the rest of my life. Second goal is for it to start shrinking them so maybe this pain in my ribs would go away (Dr. Read gave me some pain meds to help with the pain). Right now I am focused on the first goal. I am not sure what all the side effects are but I did read that weight loss was one. Right. Knowing my luck I will gain weight just like I did with chemo!

I will go back in to see Dr. Read after I have been on the drug for at least two weeks. They will take blood and make sure my white blood cell count is good. After I have been on the drug for a month they run another CT scan and hopefully there will be no growth on the tumor(s). I am to keep up my healthy eating and exercise.

It could end up that I have a chronic disease (like diabetes) called cancer that I manage by taking a pill four times a day. I would be ok with that.

15 thoughts on “I just can’t catch a break…

  1. I am so sorry Shay, but it sounds like these new little pills might just be the answer to this nasty bugger. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. I wish I could say “I know how you feel, but I don’t.” I’ve never had to walk the path you’re on, the closest was 61 years ago. You have a lot of good going on in your life right now, so each morning wake up and Focus On The Good, when bad thoughts come do your Yoga Breath and “Focus On The Good.”

  3. I expressed myself over the phone so will not use that word again. When I think of you I see the word STRONG, I think of Justin and Aidan your strength together you can beat anything so let the pills begin their cure. Enjoy your weekend, plant your garden, play with your four legged furry friends and the two legged feather friends. Think positive and you will beat this ugly thing called cancer. You go girl! Love you lots,lots,lots. Momee

  4. WHAT???? NO!!!!! That just isn’t fair…:( Well Shay, if anyone has the gumption and the right attitude it is you. But F*<#!!! Come on universe SHE deserves a break!! Hmmmm…I don't even know whatelse to say right now…I'm pissed off…Booooooo.
    Ok enough of that…you got this and I'm in your corner all the way:)

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